1999 Yukon Door Trim Panel Removal

Chevrolet Tahoe introduced the Yukon as it’s a slightly classy vehicle model. In 2000 the Yukon undergoes a major redesign. Although door panel removal process is, same in all vehicle models from 1995 to 1999, excluding 2000 models. Here we will see 1999 Yukon door trim panel removal.

Safety Precautions and Preparations:

It is quite simple to remove door trim panel on your Yukon 1999 model but you require some steps to follow and tools along with the necessary precautions. First of all ahead of removing your door panel detach the negative battery cable. As taking your door panel out needs contact with several electrical components; and if you don’t cut off the negative battery cable, you may caught by electrical shock.

Door Trim Panel

There are some basic tools you must have for this task. It includes a Phillips and flat head screwdriver to take several door panel elements out. In addition to this a door trim tool is also required in order to release the clips that are joining your door panel, and a window crank tool is requisite if your Yukon has a manual windows. These items can be bought from any auto parts store.

Removing the Door Panel:

Open interior door handle and put a flat head screwdriver in the small panel adjoining it. Take the panel away and slip the panel around the handle. Disengage the wiring harness from behind the panel.

Now do away with the window control panel and after that detach the wiring harness from behind it. Detach the harness for the power mirror controls, since it is on the same panel. If your Yukon has a manual window crank, then remove it as well. Next put the manual window crank tool in between the crank and the door to pop out the “U” clip. The clip tends to lose quite easily so pay extra attention while removing it. The window crank will come out straightforwardly once this clip is removed. Next remove the small cover from the indoors of the door armrest. And then take the screw away that is positioned behind the cover.

Now put the door panel tool in between the panel and the door to pull out the retainer clips. Continue until all of the clips are removed. Be careful while pulling the panel from the door and take care of the wiring behind it as well. Finally detach the wiring harness from the door courtesy lamp and put the removed panel to one side.

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