2008 Triumph Rocket Motorcycle

2008 Triumph Rocket Motorcycle launched three superb models of Rocket-III motorbike in the market. All the three cruising models; 2008 Rocket-III, Rocket-III Classic and Rocket-III Touring offer an amazing specification, power range and other artistic details that are exclusive to the motorcycle market. The 2008 Rocket-III with 2294cc engine is declared as the world’s biggest dislocation manufacturing bike engine.

Triumph is a British motorbike company that started its manufacturing in 1902, with its first launch of “No.1” motorbike having 2.25bhp. It was basically a rock-hard bicycle frame out-fitted with the motor. All the records were broken by Triumph Rocket motorcycle in 2004 that crossed the two liter engine obstacle around the world for the first time. 2008 Triumph Rocket Motorcycle hit the global market with its three models out-fitted with 2294cc engine power.

The Rocket-III edition of 2008 Triumph Rocket Motorcycle had 2 overhead cams, 3 cylinders and liquid cooled engine with 5 gears. The compression ratio of the 2294cc motor was 8.7:1 and 1.16 x 94.33mm of bore/stroke that produced sufficient torque for a fast speed. With 704 lbs wet weight it produced 140 bhp near 6,000 rpm with torque of 147 foot-lbs near 2,500 rpm. The worth of 2008 MSRP bike was about $14,999.

The Rocket-III Touring version of 2008 Triumph Rocket Motorcycle weighed 788 lbs due to the bulky saddlebags at the rear and had similar power ratings as of Rocket- III bike. It was rated as the greatest torque producing bike of 2008 by Motorcycle.com. This bike had 106 bhp near 5,400 rpm along with torque of 154 foot-lbs near 2,205 rpm. It had a cost of $16,999 and of $17,299 for a two-toned color.

2008 Triumph Rocket Motorcycle with a model of the Rocket-III Classic was based on human-factor engineering; this was known as a laid-back methodology by the company in motorcycling. Rest of the engine specifications of this model is same as of the Rocket-III model. It had MSRP worth of $15,699 ranging in between the prices of the other two versions of the bike.

The Classic model of 2008 Triumph Rocket Motorcycle had a comfortable riding place. It had easy to pull handlebars with specially designed seat for humans, which made it not only powerful but also gave a comfy ride. For a better performance in lowering center of gravity; the Touring bike had a seat positioned at 28.9 inches lower than rest of the two models. This bike was well suited for those riders who wanted a long way drive. It was known as the definitive power cruiser by its manufacturer. In 2008, Rocket-III series was the most reasonable and powerful cruiser.

2008 Triumph Rocket Motorcycle was considered the customizable sturdy bike than its competitors, functioning well even at low speed due to less gravity. In June 2010, a range of accessories were offered for the bike owners to get chrome components, carbon-fiber parts and made from leather.

2008 Triumph Rocket Motorcycle with the 2294cc motor produced enormous speed and torque that could be dangerous for the new riders. Before making a purchase you should go to local bike dealership and ask for a test drive, it will give you a clear understanding that how the bike performs and handles.

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