2010 Bentley Continental GTC Speed First Drive

BentleyContinental GTC Speed 2010 belongs to that exceptionalvehicleclass where the criterionfor selection of automotive acmes merely does not relate. But how can the feeling of a car of 5500-pound, leather-clad start from 0 to 60 milesper hour in 4.5 seconds;of going back to standstill with the world’s best and largest brakes production for automobile 8 piston callipers and discs of ceramic and 16.5-inch carbon.

Even though performance is very crucial in the Continental GTC convertible, the Speed is certainly not a stripped-down racer. Definitely, it has aluminium drilled foot pedals, but they do not have a stereo delete option.The Bentley got a Naim audio system up to 1100-watts and it is considered one of the most powerful audio systems available in car production. The knurled-chrome and leathery panelled gearshift with six-speed ZF transmission shows a concentration on well motoring as high functioning.

The best, elite wheels of 20-inch and 275/35 Pirelli PZeros, with theSpeed can manage the GTC snugly. “Speed” only appears on the doorsteps while other symbols of the beast — the crackle-black-finished intake manifold, larger-diameter tailpipes, rear spoiler, and dark-tinted front grille — are artfullyelusive. Such elusivenessevaporates at full accelerator. By integrating lighter con rods, a new design for crankcase, new pistons, and Crewe engineers are able to blarney 9% or more horses and 15% more torque from 6.0 litres and theW-12 twin-turbo engine reducescarbon dioxide production by 3.5 %. This leads to 600 horses of output and torque of 553 pound-feet.

With four different ways of air suspension and communicative manoeuvring, it makes the wheel-drive heavyweight like a duck. Even if being hard on it, under steeris not shown and only its surfaces in instants of tremendousthoughtlessnessof drivers before being subjugated by the dextrously tuned ESP.

Here is a small understandable summary for how the GTC Speed feels like: wickedly rich, hyper-smooth and even more enjoyable when whipped.

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