2010 Great Wall Motors V240 Light Truck- A Sturdy 4X4 Drive

2010 Great Wall Motors V240 Light Truck is one of the editions of Great Wall Ute that is being manufactured among other products in China. It is a combination of its legacy, though this model is based on established engineering. Basically Great Wall Ute is an older generation from A-pillars known as Holden Rodeo, with petrol engines of Mitsubishi and drive train of Borg Warner.

In New Zealand, the two editions are recently sold, both diesel and petrol power-driven, though the diesel version has to be launched next year. Although 2010 Great Wall Motors V240 Light Truck is short of diesel option and automatic gearbox; still it has a tremendous business along with SA220 model, about 90 of them were sold when were put on sale few months back. 2010 Great Wall Motors V240 Light Truck is the top selling petrol driven truck in the line-up of Great Wall Ute vehicles in New Zealand, though more range of petrol driven engines are available in the Ute models and the irresistible choice for diesel engines still prevails in the auto industry.

Ute range offers 2.2 liter capacity in SA220 petrol version of 2-wheel drive with 78kW power generation. On the other hand, 2010 Great Wall Motors V240 Light Truck is basically the futuristic version of Ute with a latest body shape and nose that is offered in 2.4 liter petrol version with a torque of 200Nm and 100kW power generation.

One thing that is apparent from 2010 Great Wall Motors V240 Light Truck is that the worth you pay to get this vehicle is justifiable for its performance. Though this 4X4 truck seems to be some what older version as compared to the latest line-up of the Ute vehicles, but having 3-year 100,000km warranty coupled with on-road support package in just $29,990 NZ makes it attractive enough for those drivers who want an effective Ute than just a routine vehicle. This model has standard safety specifications having 2-front airbags, ABS, power windows, engine immobilizer, leather seats, central locking remote option and braked pulling power of 2250kg. It has a mass of one ton.

The interior of 2010 Great Wall Motors V240 Light Truck is dissonantly known to all who had an experience with the Rodeo model. It is a 4-wheel drive that triggers with the buttons on the dashboard instead of a detached lever. It has a gearshift which is accurate but nicks a bit and sarcastically disgraces the Holden Colorado’s manual gear change. Its seats are moderately small but have ample space at its rear for the people to adjust if they press in.

2010 Great Wall Motors V240 Light Truck among other Ute models is meant for durable drive at a less price, due to the sturdy engineering of its parts that last the vehicle for long. It is not like Ute lifestyle vehicles and you could be mistaken as suggested by Ateco Automotive. Few sales are expected from this new model as the diesel powered engines with automatic transmissions are yet to be introduced.

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