2010 Lexus IS 350C

2010 Lexus IS 350C is a convertible rear-wheel drive with amazing power. It is popped with style and lavishness with a fun drive. It is 4-passenger 2-door coupe that has 3.5 liter capacity with V-6 engine. It offers a better soft ride as compared to the sporty one. It is powered up with automatic transmission of 6-speed having 306 horsepower. It has superb acceleration power which is truly delightful.

It is not essentially a family car; you can accommodate 2 kids at the rear only due to lesser legroom. It has less cargo space as well. Moreover, the touch-navigation system is not much impressive but it compensates with the riding joy. It is costly starting from $44,890 to $49,415, which is justifiable to its performance.

The exterior of the Matador Red Mica in 2010 Lexus IS 350C lineup is simply stunning. Its front body bends low leading to a smart shape with the chromed frame running to the ends of windshield. With its top elevated it is similar to the classy SC version in design, while with its top lowered it gives a spacious and lengthy look. Unexpectedly 350C model has less chrome details having front frame, Lexus label and two exhaust tips in chrome. It is single-toned car with lot of glamour added to it.

The 350C has a lowered shape and thus one has to move down to enter into it. With the top lowered it gives a waft-feeling when you come out of the coupe. The headroom is ample at both front and rear seats especially for the kids. It has brawny but light doors making it bit tricky for the kids to close. It has 3.5 liter capacity with V-6 engine generating 306 horsepower. It has a travel of 18/25 mpg in city or highway but with poor gas mileage. It is rated as fair in terms of family convenience and as a groove-on for a fun ride.

The interior of 2010 Lexus IS 350C has a metallic black feel. A wood spruce is an optional feature. The navigation system has to be improved with its touch-system that is positioned in the mid. However, the controls are simple and handy to use. It includes Bluetooth, audio streaming, satellite navigation and radio system. The USB incorporated is not much impressive to be used.

The storage features are not good enough, having middle bin for the chargeable devices. It has no space for bottle holders but the two cup-holders are added. The seats are comfy with heat and ventilation optioned front seats. The seats can be adjusted in 10 positions with a push button and there is an adjustable head restraint in the front to glide back and forth easily. The front seats are more comfy than the rear ones, having greater legroom as well. If the baby-safety or booster seats are fixed at the rear it would be congested. The baggage space is minimal as the rooftop is folded in the stalk; therefore not much room is left. When the hood is lifted it becomes bit spacious to carry groceries or other minor stuff. The storage compartments and the cargo space are rated as fair.

From safety’s perspective 2010 Lexus IS 350C is not commendable as the baby-safety seats and the booster seats are not adjusted well at the rear. It is not advisable for a baby to sit at the rear due to the air-vent and sun contact. Though the forward-faced convertible seat can be fixed but there is not much legroom left. It has pair of latch handles easy to use but not essentially for the kids. With a top down you get amazing visibility but you get blind-spots when it is up. The head restraints at the rear are folded down when front seats are free.

The 350C has antilock brakes, traction control, brake assist, electronic stability system and 6-airbags even for the driver’s knees and front sides as a standard. The cruise control system, parking-alert for front and rear, backup camera and Enform with Safety Connect are the optional features for this coupe.

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