2012 Toyota Avensis UK Price

Toyota UK announced pricing details for the new Toyota Avensis, as the production begins in Toyota’s new British plant.

Burnaston is Toyota’s largest production site in Europe and has benefited from £1.15 billion investment since it opened in 1992 and, as the centre for all Avensis production, has built three generations of the model since 1997. The new Avensis goes on sale early next year, but you can now put your orders down for one with a starting price of £18,450.

The new model is introduced with prices for the T2, TR and T Spirit saloon and tourer matched to those of the current model. There is a small decrease in the price of T4 models, taking into account revisions to the specification. With its sharper look and richer feature list and of course cleaner engine, this Avensis hopes to raise the bar in its class.


Toyota press release:

The start of production of the new Avensis at Toyota’s Burnaston factory brings some welcome good news for Britain’s manufacturing industry. And as the first cars come off the line, Toyota is announcing prices for the new car which match those for the current model, in spite of the extra equipment, new styling and improved performance on offer.

Tony Walker, Toyota Manufacturing UK Deputy Managing Director, said: “This is great news for Burnaston, we are proud to be starting work on the new Avensis, a car that is central to Toyota’s European strategy and a key model for the UK. British-built, and with petrol engines sourced from Toyota’s Deeside factory plus ultra-efficient diesels, it is a stronger market contender than ever before.”

Unveiled at this year’s Frankfurt motor show, the new-look Avensis builds on the spaciousness, practicality and fuel efficiency that are the established hallmark qualities of the model, delivering sharper contemporary styling, a quieter and more comfortable cabin and improved driving dynamics. In addition, its top-selling 2.0-litre D-4D engine has been significantly revised to achieve lower emissions and better fuel economy: with CO2 levels brought down to 119g/km, it strengthens Avensis’s appeal as a high value proposition, particularly for fleet operators and company car drivers.

T2 Saloon 1.8 Valvematic 6MT £18,450
T2 Saloon 1.8 Valvematic MDS £19,470
T2 Tourer 1.8 Valvematic 6MT £19,485
T2 Tourer 1.8 Valvematic MDS £20,505
T2 Saloon 2.0 D-4D 6MT £19,445
T2 Tourer 2.0 D-4D 6MT £20,480
TR Saloon 1.8 Valvematic 6MT £20,545
TR Saloon 1.8 Valvematic MDS £21,565
TR Tourer 1.8 Valvematic 6MT £21,580
TR Tourer 1.8 Valvematic MDS £22,600
TR Saloon 2.0 D-4D 6MT £21,525
TR Tourer 2.0 D-4D 6MT £22,560
TR Saloon 2.2 D-4D 150 6MT £22,485
TR Tourer 2.2 D-4D 150 6MT £23,520
TR Saloon 2.2 D-CAT 150 6AT £23,875
TR Tourer 2.2 D-CAT 150 6AT £24,910
T4 Saloon 1.8 Valvematic 6MT £22,320
T4 Saloon 1.8 Valvematic MDS £23,340
T4 Tourer 1.8 Valvematic 6MT £23,355
T4 Tourer 1.8 Valvematic MDS £24,375
T4 Saloon 2.0 D-4D 6MT £23,300
T4 Tourer 2.0 D-4D 6MT £24,355
T4 Saloon 2.2 D-4D 150 6MT £24,260
T4 Tourer 2.2 D-4D 150 6MT £25,295
T4 Saloon 2.2 D-CAT 150 6AT £25,365
T4 Tourer 2.2 D-CAT 150 6AT £26,400
T Spirit Saloon 2.0 D-4D 6MT £25,145
T Spirit Tourer 2.0 D-4D 6MT £26,825
T Spirit Saloon 2.2 D-4D 150 6MT £26,105
T Spirit Tourer 2.2 D-4D 150 6MT £27,785
T Spirit Saloon 2.2 D-CAT 150 6AT £27,210
T Spirit Tourer 2.2 D-CAT 150 6AT £28,885

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