2013 Ford Fusion Technology Features

While the Europeans have to wait at least another year to get their hands on the new Mondeo (Fusion), the car will hit the American showrooms in a matter of months.

So it’s about time Ford details some of the high-end technology features they’ve packed in it. The list include Lane-Keeping System with Driver Alert, adaptive cruise control and collision warning, and active park assist. This will be the first mid-size sedan in America – and one of the few in the world – to get such a bewildering array of tech stuff.

With the new Fusion Ford seem to have covered all the bases. The car looks astonishing, it will get a range of great Ecoboost engines, and it has so many technologies. What’s more, there’s also a hybrid version in the pipeline that will complement the range. Well done then Ford!


Details of the system in the press release below:

Lane-Keeping System

Lane-Keeping System uses a forward-facing camera that can scan the road surface for lane markings. The Lane-Keeping System can evaluate if the car is drifting out of its lane and then alert the driver by vibrating the steering wheel. If the driver does not respond to the vibrations, the system provides steering torque to nudge the car back toward the center of the lane.


Driver Alert System

Driver Alert uses the front-facing camera to detect a pattern of vehicle motion consistent with a drowsy driver, and provides a series of alerts to suggest the driver stop and rest for a while. The visual alert includes a coffee cup icon appearing in the instrument cluster display indicating that pulling off the road and taking a break is a good idea. In a survey conducted by AAA Foundation, more than 40 percent of Americans acknowledge they have fallen asleep or nodded off while driving.

Pull-Drift Compensation

Pull-Drift Compensation is built into the electric power-assisted steering to counter the effects of steeply crowned roads or steady crosswinds. It can detect if the car is changing direction even if the steering angle sensor indicates the driver is not commanding this change. The Pull-Drift control then uses EPAS to provide gradual steering corrections that keep the car moving to where the driver wants to go.

Adaptive cruise control with collision warning

Adaptive cruise control uses a radar sensor that measures the distance and speed to the vehicle ahead.

With this extra information, the same engine power reduction and brake application techniques that are used to limit wheel spin by the traction control system can now be used to automatically slow the car and maintain a safe following distance when the adaptive cruise control is active. If the sensors detect the following distance is shrinking too quickly and a collision is likely, the system will provide a visual and audio alert so the driver can respond by steering or braking.

Active park assist

With available active park assist, the electric power-assisted steering and ultrasonic sensors at the corners of the car work in concert to help make parallel parking a breeze. The sensors measure the gap between parked cars to see if there is enough room, and then the car is automatically steered into the space. The driver just has to apply the accelerator and brake.

Blind Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert

No matter how careful drivers are, the physical constraints of sitting inside a car means there always will be places they cannot see. Rearview mirrors help, but the Fusion is available with radar sensors in the rear corners that can monitor the spaces beside and just behind the car.

On the road, these sensors trigger a warning light in the mirror indicating there is another vehicle in the blind spot the driver may not be able to see when changing lanes. When backing out of a parking space, these same sensors can see vehicles coming down the aisle while the back-up camera provides a view directly behind the rear bumper.

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