2013 Koenigsegg Agera

Koenigsegg revealed details of its 2013 Agera hyper car ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

The new version comes with a range of new features that show how much the Swedish car maker cares about what they do, and about their customers. They have invented a new type of hollow carbon fiber wheels that reduce the unsprung mass of the car by 20kg. The new models are also fitted as standard with stability program system. Suspension tweaks and a bit more power are also included.

The amazing records of the car remain intact, if anything, enhanced a bit due to the little adjustments the company has made. There are also new colors and styling details customers can spec up the car with.


Details of the new features:

1. The 2013 Agera R features the world’s first hollow, one piece, super light carbon fiber wheel, using a proprietary method developed by Koenigsegg named Aircore™ Technology. The Aircore™ wheels save close to 20kg in unsprung mass, while providing great integrity and safety. The only metal part in the wheel is the tire valve – the rest is all once piece hollow carbon.
2. The Agera and the Agera R have the first production engines in the world to use nano-surfaced cylinder sleeves, from ANS, for reduced friction and fuel consumption.
3. New in-house developed engine management system, which provides added functionality whilst still meeting all OBD II regulations.
4. The rev limiter has been raised from 7250rpm to 7500rpm, raising power from 940 to 960hp on 98 Ron (93 din) fuel for the Agera and from 1115 to 1140hp for the Agera R on E85.
5. Koenigsegg reinstates its co-operation with Swedish shock manufacturer ?hlins Racing. Together they productionalized Koenigsegg?s unique Triplex suspension, that becomes standard on the 2013 Agera R.
6. KES (Koenigsegg Electronic Stability) is now standard on all Koenigsegg models.
7. A new, lighter rear exhaust section has been developed for the Agera R, which also improves the performance of the rear diffuser.
8. New front/side winglets for the Agera R provide 20kg more downforce at 250km/h, as well as reduced drag.

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