A few of the innovative features of the new SL-class

The original Mercedes SL-class – the 300 SL – has been called the sports-car of the century, and that model came to typify class, luxury, and speed.

The new SL-class, released this summer in the UK, is sleek, light, aerodynamic, and luxurious. It also is longer and wider than earlier versions, which translates into more room for both the passenger and the driver inside the cabin.

There are many new features available on the new SL-class of Mercedes, each reflecting the opulence and power that this roadster has become known for. A few of these innovative features will be discussed below.

The new open-top roof system allows you to really experience the joy of driving a convertible on the open road, with the sun shining and the wind in your hair. With the push of a button, the fully-retractable roof will automatically detach and store itself in a special area within the luggage compartment – and this process is done smoothly and unbelievably quickly, in less than twenty seconds.

And, as an added luxury, the optional feature known as Airscarf will enable you to comfortably enjoy open-top driving when it is a bit cooler outside. This innovative feature in effect provides the driver and passenger with a ‘scarf’ made of warm air, targeting the area around the neck in order to keep you both at an appropriate temperature.

As well, if you want to enjoy the sunlight but, for whatever reason, don’t want to put the roof down, you can use the optional Magic Sky Control feature to instantly change the panoramic roof from opaque to clear. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

The audio system has undergone some major improvements. Rather than installing  bass speakers on the doors, as is typical, Mercedes has placed them just in front of the footwells, on the bulkhead. This placement makes the best use of the actual shape of the cabin, and so the footwells are able to function acoustically, providing amazingly rich tones. You will be able to enjoy your music even more because of this Frontbass system.

Have you ever approached the boot of your car, hands full of shopping bags or luggage, only to have to struggle with your heavy load as you try to find your keys in order to open the boot? The Keyless-Go system is extremely innovative, and provides a hands-free solution to this everyday problem. If you have your keys with you, the system will register this, and you can open your boot by making a kicking motion or moving your foot near the rear bumper. This action will also close the lid.

With an ‘on the road’ price of £72,495, the new SL-class is a perfect combination of the luxurious and the modern.

If you’re interested in the new SL-class, but find the price-tag for a new one a bit much, you can find Mercedes-Benz used cars from recent years available both online and at dealerships across the UK, including SL models.

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