Aston Martin Cygnet In Details

A long while ago Aston Martin revealed a tiny city car as a concept, and said that if they ever decide to create a city car, that’d be it.

No one really cared at that time, becasue Aston is supercar maker with a long and glorious history full of power and speed and luxury. They’d never do such a thing!

But as it turned out the environmental concerns are more serous than they look and sound! And Aston is finally forced to make this car, which by the way is called the Cygnet, in order to bring its overall CO2 emission down, so they can keep making V12s.

Here’s an official video released by Aston Martin, in which they try to justify the Cygnet, and make you believe it’s not just a Toyota iQ (on which it’s based) with a posh badge! See it they can manage that…

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