BMW X6 2010

BMW had produced a new set of X6 models that include a hybrid that can be converted to gas or electric and the high class X6 motorsport. The X6 has a passenger capacity of four. It is bigger than BMW’s middle- sized cars and its suspension is elevated comparable to BMW X5. There are three produced models of the X6. All the three models function as an all wheel drive with a twin turbo engine. The first model, xDrive35i, has a horsepower of 300 with 3 litre V6 inclined engine. The second model, xDrive50i, has a horsepower of 400 with a 4.4 litre eight cylinder engine. The third model, X6 M, has a horsepower of 555 with a V8 engine. The automatic transmission of the models in gas mode is a six speed. The hybrid version of the X6 has two systems in which a 4.4 litre eight cylinder engine is combined with an electric motor for a total horsepower of 480. The driver has an option to run the car in gas or hybrid mode. An advantage about this X6 hybrid car is that plug in charges is not needed. This is possible because of the CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission.  This is an automatic transmission that reuses power and contributes to save fuel consumption and efficiency in driving. The X6 is similar to the X5 that is capable of towing 6000 lbs.

BMW X6 2010 BMW X6 2010

All X6 models contain a Dynamic Performance Control that is responsible for the exchange of power from the right to left rear wheels for stabilization, upsurge in traction, and acceleration that can go sideways. The X6 protection measures include the anti-lock braking system, traction control, stability control, and airbags provided in the front, side, and curtain portion. The typical models also include a button for the DVD, audio, navigation system, and climate control. If you want to add extra comfort in driving and easy handling at all speeds, then you could purchase BMW’s Active Steering.

Sturdy acceleration is experienced when using the xDrive35i and xDrive50i of the X6. All models are not economical with regards to fuel consumption. Premium gas is required. The xDrive35i runs for a mpg of 16.6 and the xDrive50i has a mpg of 14.3 when driven in the city. The X6 have wheels of 20 inches. The wheels and the built in sport suspension made balance in driving possible even on rough roads.

The X6 interior seats provide passengers all their comfort needs. A padded knee rest is available in the front seats. There is enough space for four passengers to fit in but it is not as comfortable as the SUV. The xDrive35i and the xDrive50i can be purchased for $80,000 above with added accessories. The starting price of the X6 M and hybrid model exceeds $100,000.

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