Buick Encore Fuel Economy

Official fuel economy ratings are out for the new Buick Encore, and the car beats Jeep Compass and Ford Escape.

The Encore is rated at an EPA-estimated 25 mpg city, 33 mpg highway and a combined 28 mpg fuel economy with a standard six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. It will save an estimated $2,100 in fuel costs over five years of ownership compared to the mentioned rivals. 2013 Escape, is EPA estimated at 23 city/33 highway, or a combined 26 mpg. A Jeep Compass equipped with an automatic transmission is EPA estimated at 23/28 mpg, or 25 combined.

That is another feather in Encore’s cap. Soon it will have a major plumage. GM must be happy that they let the Europeans do the design and engineering of this car!


Buick press release:

Encore’s combined fuel economy is based on 45 percent highway and 55 percent city driving. It is the best fuel economy for any crossover offered by a U.S.-based automaker, and the vehicle’s EPA estimated annual fuel cost of $1,900 is the same or lower than any domestic or imported 2013 model year crossover sold in the United States.

Encore boasts higher ratings than its direct import competition, including the Mini Countryman S, which gets an EPA estimated at 25/32 mpg with an automatic transmission, and the Volkswagen Tiguan. Compared to the Volkswagen’s EPA estimates of 21/26 mpg, Encore’s gains of four city mpg and seven highway mpg equate to $500 less spent on fuel for each year of ownership, based on EPA estimates. The Encore is designed to run on regular gasoline while both competitors recommend more expensive premium fuel.

Reducing weight saves fuel, so Buick engineers developed a body structure for Encore that’s 60 percent high-strength steel, providing safety benefits while trimming pounds off the vehicle. Encore is powered by a 1.4L turbocharged engine.

“Right from its inception, Encore was designed to offer customers the safety and comfort expected of any Buick, but with an added emphasis on space and fuel efficiency,” said Vehicle Chief Engineer Jim Danahy. “We did things like specify one optimized wheel and tire package to ensure that every customer has the best driving experience possible.”

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