Can You Put 20 Inch Tires on a Ford F150?

You may personalize your vehicle by installing new wheels as well as new tires to it. It is usually being seen in case of big vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. You may feel it easy and simple procedure, can you put 20 inch tires on a Ford F150 if you have this vehicle. It is simple still lets us see how it would be carried out.

Original Equipment:

To begin you first have to know about the original equipment tires and wheels of your Ford F150. In this case the equipment tires and wheels of our vehicle will either be 16 or 18 inches. So try to buy the tires and wheels that probably match with your existing wheels and tires to avoid any compatibility issue.

Ford F150

Upgrading to Larger Tires:

You may use 20-inch or 22-inch tires to install to your F150. Although the rim diameter of these tires is quite larger but they can fit the truck as they have narrower sidewalls, which normally balance the overall size of the tire

Where to Buy:

Here are numerous places from where you can get your desired wheels and tires for your F150. You can get them form Ford tire dealers, dealerships otherwise online. Most popular places in this way include Yokohama, Toyo, Kumho, Sumitomo, Continental, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Dunlop, General, and Firestone.

Getting the Job Done:

Once you have bought suitable wheels and tires now try to find a professional to install them. Car or tire dealers usually take the time to bring stability and align the new set, which is essential to accurate function, tramp wear along with fuel economy.

Ford F150 Pickup

Compatibility with Other Components:

After you have installed new wheels and tires to your Ford F150, now come to other components of your vehicle to check their functionality. It will make it heavy to go from a 16-inch to a 20-inch set of tires and wheels. But a professional can ensure you that all other components such as brake and suspension components are working appropriately with newly installed wheels and tires.

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