Car Paint Protection Guide

The problem of paint degradation originated with the arrival of water based paints.

Due to the continuous attacks from acid rain, bird strikes, UV exposure, road tar, stone and road tar chips the paint which is surely under an attack. The question arises that what can be done to protect the paint work from damage.

Films are well-liked and many are available in kit with pieces pre-cut to the shape of the car. Usually, these are placed in high risk areas and can be removed very easily if they get damaged. This is the probably best option to choose, especially if a lot of travelling is done on fast roads with greater risks of stone chips.

Paint Protection

A heavy grade of plastic is used for cutting the films and is clear. The film is selected because of its flexibility which helps in molding the car and also helps to form an effective obstacle against stone chips. The film is cut for resembling with the car panels so that the seams cutting across a panel will not be visible.

The vinyl sticker covering the car at the wraps look extraordinary and they are an ideal way of protecting the paint. However, they are not really made for protecting the paint against stone chips but they will surely resist road tar, bird strikes and many minor chips.

The paint coatings are best used below the car close to the wheels and at the lower front bumper. A thick layer is formed which gives another line of defense against road spray and stone chips. It can also get ugly but at least there will be an option of removing it with a cutting paste exposing the intact paint beneath.

There is much thicker paint in most of the off road vehicles near the stills and around the wheel curves, a good example is the Audi Allroad. As it is hard to match this thicker paint, a contrasting color will be seen often.

A simple method which is a part of every car owner maintenance routine is the use of wax. It helps to protect against UV, reduces the fade caused by sun while also forming a barricade against bird strikes.

A lucky person who waxed his car after every few weeks experienced a paint stripper attack. The paint stripper had just washed and the layer of the wax protected the paint below. This shows that wax must never be misjudged as a paint protection material.

The car bra will fit on the front of the car ultimately giving a good protection to the car. It appears little strange but it is a preferred way of protection for track day drivers because of its easy removable nature.

Car bras are mostly used in motor trading when car are transported for protecting a car and preserving a showroom look of the paint.

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