Car Rust Treatment and Removal Tips

The cancer of metal version is casually known as rust. When it affects, it starts to eat more and more of the metal. Moisture and oxygen is needed by rust to do its work. When paint is coated on the metal, oxygen cannot penetrate there the metal will be protected. Yet a stone chip is all it takes to start the process.

Primarily, the surface of the metal will get bubbled up by the metal slowly eating deeper and deeper. The earlier it is caught, the better it will be.

A rust spot need a thorough treatment.

1. The rust spot has to be sanded until the bare metal is visible.

Car Rust

2. The area has to be covered with a rust inhibitor which acts like an undercoat for the next layers.

3. The depression caused by filler sanding has to be filled. If the depression is not very big then a thicker coat of paint is not needed.

4. The area should be covered with paint and then some clear coat and cutting paste can be used for finishing.

When the nature of the rust is little more serious, like on the bottom and wings of doors then the only available real option is to cut off the damaged metal and weld a new one. It is normally cheap to replace doors from the breakers yard and have it repainted that is more convenient as compared to a repair. The replacement and painting of front wings is also easy. Anything on the structural areas and rear wing with rust will surely need a new panel welding in for properly fixing it.

One has to be sure to completely cut away the rust and then cover the area using rust inhibitor for preventing further damage from occurring while working on the area.

The prevention of rust is easier than repairing. Wax coating after every six months is the most evident way to guard against surface rust.

Additionally, there are some corrosion inhibitors in the market which are generally used for spraying under the vehicle and behind the panels. This is recommended by Torque Cars which are used in some thin coats. Extra care must be taken for preventing the drain holes in the bottom of the panels getting blocked.

A fine idea is to place a piece of sharp wire through every drain hole for ensuring that they are open. The last that is to be done is to allow water to gather inside the door or panel.

Several leaks can be a sign of rust, they are normally caused by torn rubber seals but the area must be completely checked for any rusts. One irritating area to have rust is around the windscreen. There are cars that have went through windscreen replacement requiring wide work on the frames because of rust caused by water ingression.

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