Chevrolet Aveo In Mongol Rally

The perception of small cars like the Aveo is that they are only good for getting grocery or taking kids to school. To prove the Aveo is far more capable than it first seems, Chevrolet devised a cunning challenge.

On July 14, a very special Chevrolet Aveo departs from Goodwood motor circuit on a no-backup, no support, no-set-route Mongol Rally adventure of more than 9,000 miles, to raise money for childrens’ charities. Aveo small car on a journey full of obstacles: mountains, deserts, bad roads, no roads, bandits. The rally team trio, comprising of an experienced marketing manager, Guy White, an investment banker, Ed Kliphuis, and a developmental biology researcher, Arnout Schepers.

Thais is very good of them doing this, not just for the car, but to raise money for Children. We like the Aveo now, just because of this effort.


Adventurist team will participate in Mongol Rally

Asked about their motivation to do this, Guy White answered: “Life is for living and there are only certain moments in your life when you can make something like this actually happen. Driving across a third of the world, meeting so many incredible people, having so many unbelievable memories and doing some good while doing it, is just a perfect combination. I want to be one of those grandfathers that has grandchildren who want to hear his stories.”

The team which met – for the first time – three years ago on a rugby field in Geneva, is collecting donations for SOS Children’s Villages in Mongolia – to which also the Aveo will be donated. They are also “selling” interesting interaction opportunities for this good cause along the way:

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