Corvette ZR1’s Exposed Carbon Fiber Parts Get Special Coating

The high performance Corvette ZR1 uses a large amount of carbon fiber in its body and structure for obvious reasons such as lightness and stiffness.

But carbon has one other advantage which is uber-cool looks! But there’s problem becasue you see exposed carbon fiber can be damaged by sun radiation and it had to be covered with paint.

Not anymore! GM engineers have found a glossy, UV-resistant clear coat that protects the carbon components the same way sunscreen protects your skin. It also shields the components from chips and scratches.


For a consumer vehicle, exposed-weave carbon fiber, with its honeycombed appearance, offers the fuel efficiency of painted carbon fiber, but has a unique aesthetic. The ZR1 features exposed-weave carbon fiber on the roof panel, roof bow, rocker moldings, front fascia splitter, and the underside of the hood.  The ZR1 has carbon fiber floor panels as well, although not in the exposed-weave format.  For the Corvette Z06, carbon fiber fenders and floor panels come standard with an optional package that includes splitters, rockers and roof panels.

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