Custom Valve Cover Painting

By changing the different components of the engine of a car you can make it more powerful, but to pop it through custom valve cover painting is indeed a delightful experience. You can be creative in your own way by repainting the valve cover. The sturdy alternative to it is the powder coating in flat tone which makes it much costly and eradicates the charm of creativity in painting the valve cover by your own self.

Custom valve cover painting is not a lengthy process, it takes few minutes after few hours just to set it for drying every time you coat. Apply many coats of paint on the valve cover for a long lasting look at every step and few at the end. Note that you use high temperature spray paint for valve cover.

If you are interested in single tones custom valve cover painting then powder coating is recommended.

You have to clean the valve cover well, brush them and degrease them. It is really distressing when grease marks tend to pop-up when half of the paint is done.

Cover all those necessary areas and letters with Vaseline that you desire to preserve. Those areas won’t be affected from the paint, as the paint will be easily peeled off from them later. To protect the spark plug shafts from paint, put some crushed papers in spark plug holes. Now paint the valve cover thoroughly.

Prime the valve cover; as the ground layer for the paint should be treated with high temperature. It is not only good for a strong adhesion but it also evens the cover’s surface if there are any trivial marks or spots.

For a custom valve cover painting choose the color for the background of the cover. You may use any light shade color and even a bright one as per your choice.

Enfold the valve cover in a mesh-net firmly. This serves as base pattern for the next subsequent color you want to apply; the pattern could be felt with hand once it is set dry. Note to fasten the mesh-net uniformly over the valve cover.

Define a particular area for paint and then spay it with deep-red color several times. Over-spraying in custom valve cover painting is not recommended especially over the bolt holes. If the paint is much thicker then it can easily break under the areas where bolts are tightened. The cover is not coated with powder, so you should be more careful when installing for the first time.

After the spraying process remove the mesh-net very carefully. It can be peeled off easily from the cover paint giving it an amazing 3D effect. Those sections of the valve cover will be fade and dull where the mesh was not properly in contact. So cover the lighter dull sections with the color spray for a more even look.

In custom valve cover painting you can stick any sticker you like on the cover gently, so that it could be easily removed later when required.

For a boxed-effect remove the tape around the inscription. Make sure you don’t paint the other areas of the valve cover.

Now gently remove the sticky writings from the cover. Rub the sections or areas where Vaseline was applied to be protected. Finish the custom valve cover painting with the clear coat several times. A clear coat proves to be helpful in protecting the cover at high degrees as well. Do avoid the over-spraying of paint as it will break the paint under the areas where bolts are tightened.

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