Dodge Truck Radio Removal Guide

Your Dodge truck’s radio can have several components that may require replacements with the passage of time. Normally there is a radio inside the dashboard, then speakers within the dash and doors and the antenna as well which are mounted to the hood and usually route by the door. All these components can be taken out separately but you have to know about Dodge Truck radio removal process to start on.


To take away any of the electrical device in your truck, you have to cut off the negative battery cable; then make loose the clamp, unsnap the cable and set it away from where it can’t fortuitously connect with the terminal again.

Truck Radio Removal

In a truck a radio is held inside the center instrument panel. So you have to take away this panel and for this course first pull out the ashtray plus cup holder to get to the holding screw, and after that pry around the bezel edges by means of a flat tool similar to a trim stick. In case of old Dodge trucks you may not find any trim or bezels and just have to mount screws there. These trucks usually have two screws at the top of radio unit where in newer models you will find one screw in each of the four front corners. Phillips screwdriver can be used to unscrew these screws. When you done with pulling the radio out o the dashboard; now disconnect the electrical connector at one end along with the antenna lead at its other end.


You have to disconnect the door trim panel in order to take out the front speakers. To remove the front speakers, you need to disconnect the door trim panel. Now do away with the window crank if there is one, take away the door handle. Now remove the panel screws which you will locate at the two bottom corners, afterward pull the panel up to loosen its hooks and don’t forget to disconnect any electrical connectors at the back of it.

After removing the panel now come up to remove the four mounting screws (at opposite ends), drag out the speaker and disconnect the electrical connector as well. Remove either the B-pillar lower trim or else the rear door’s trim panel to separate the rear door speakers which have three mounting screws each.

To do away with any of the speakers set in the instrument panel, you have to remove the panel’s top cover through prying around the edges by means of the trim stick. These speakers typically have two mounting screws. In older trucks there were only the speakers in the instrument panel, which can be removed in the similar process as discussed.

Radio Removal


To disconnect the antenna, you must do away with the right side kick panel. For this reason, you have to disconnect the coaxial connector which is at the back of this panel. To install the cable back in the truck, you are advised to bind a good length of string to the cable at the antenna end which will help you in case if you want to install the cable back in the truck. Now disconnect the antenna from its base external to the truck and you can use a wrench for it. After that; use an antenna wrench to unscrew the nut on the mounting base to pull the base out. Now open the door and take hold of the antenna body to pull it out of its mounting hole. Next; pull out the cable by the grommet. In case if are going to install a new antenna plus cable, then make loose the string from the old cable and bind it to the new one.

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