Fiat Panda Van

The Panda is the next car in Fiat’s lineup to get a commercial version. Meet the new Fiat Panda Van. This is Fiat’s offering for the growing market of compact urban delivery cars in Europe.

The car features external compact dimensions and a load compartment at the top of its category: approx. 1 m2 volume and over 1.2 metres maximum internal length. It also introduces the brand new, innovative “easy floor” platform which eliminates any difference in height between the load compartment and the lower edge of the tailgate, thus facilitating loading operations. It has a payload including driver at the very top of the category: up to 500 kg.

Trim levels are similar to Fiat’s family cars, with two trim levels (Pop and Easy) and two engines (69 HP 1.2 and 1.3 MultiJet 75 HP). Prices for the Fiat Panda Van start from 8,850 euro.


Details in Fiat press release:

Built at the Gianbattista Vico plant at Pomigliano d’Arco in Naples, the most compact commercial vehicle by Fiat Professional is the ideal solution for those who spend a lot of time travelling and have to make deliveries, such as postal services, maintenance workers, service companies, tradesmen, etc.

At launch, the range will offer a choice of two trim levels (Pop 2-seater and Easy 4-seater versions), both available with front wheel drive and two engines: the 75 HP 1.3-litre 16v MultiJet turbodiesel and the 69 HP 1.2-litre Fire petrol engine. In Italy, prices start from 8,850 euro (before tax) for the Panda Van Pop 69 HP 1.2-litre Fire, rising to 11,700 euro (before tax) for the Panda Van Easy 75 HP 1.3-litre 16v MultiJet.

Original style and compact external dimensions

The new Panda Van sports modern, distinctive design that combines dynamism and compactness with the solidity and robustness of a working vehicle. The compact external dimensions – it is 3.65 m. in length, 1.64 m. in width and 1.55 m. high – allow it to tackle any city centre with confidence, thanks also to a turning circle of just 9.3 metres.

The front and rear bumpers, embossed black as standard for the 2-seater version (matching body colour on request) make the Panda Van more like a small commercial vehicle. The tinted rear windows (standard on the 2-seater version) guarantee greater privacy and security for goods carried in the load compartment.  And on the matter of security, options include a “load compartment roller cover” – available from October – which totally conceals loaded goods.

Completing the offer is a wide range of body colours: 9 exterior colours and a list of non-standard colours in keeping with the requirements of large fleets. The interiors too are available in 2 versions combined with 2 different seat fabrics.

Lastly, the latest Fiat Centro Stile creation making its debut appearance on the model is the “Van” logo which sums up the values of this product range: “clean and simple”, it expresses “practicality and versatility” with its original symmetrical design. In short, this small logo conveys the power of design as the notion of making “useful things attractive, too”: a value that characterizes the entire Fiat Professional range.

Spacious, functional load compartment

Despite its compact external dimensions, the new Panda boasts a spacious, rational load compartment – the volume is approximately 1 m? (for the 2-seater version) while the maximum internal length can extend to over 1.2 metres – featuring use of the innovative new “easy floor” platform.

Indeed, with the new Panda Van, Fiat Professional overcomes the intrinsic limits of small “car-derived” commercial vehicles, introducing for the first time this new solution which eliminates the difference in height between the load compartment and the lower edge of the tailgate, thus facilitating loading operations just like a “real” commercial vehicle. At the same time, the easy floor provides ample space below the platform, perfect for keeping valuable items safe from prying eyes. What’s more, the space below can be accessed with the greatest of ease by simply lifting up the platform, and the latter can be secured in the open position if desired by means of a hook on the partition.

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