Ford Taurus Problems

Taurus was first introduced by American manufacturer Ford Motor and since that time it is well liked for its tremendous and outclass performance. After that Taurus name is being used with several types of vehicle for instance full size sedans and station wagons etc. Despite of its overall best performance, Taurus is considered to have numerous problems. Here we will talk about Ford Taurus problems in the subsequent section.


Ford Taurus is popular for its most common suspension problems. These problems are basically found in its vehicle models introduced in 20s. On the other hand, several Taurus owners complained about its wrecked coil springs which caused them about $1,000 money for its replacement if rear struts are damaged too. Some other components (ball joints, tie rods, sway bars) also presented problems. Though it is quite complex to diagnose a suspension problem but an obnoxious sound while driving the vehicle confirms that there is absolutely something going wrong with its suspension.

Ford Taurus


Another usual problem with Ford Taurus is transmission problem. These types of problems offer certain noises as well as they let the gears to stop working to cause transmission failure. It costs about $3,000 to replace the failed transmission with a new one although Ford warranty covers this cost if vehicle experienced this problem under the warranty period. 1980s Taurus models tend to have these problems at high scale. Where reduced transmission performance can also cause declined fuel efficiency.


Other than the problems discussed above, Ford Taurus presented several factory recalls. In 2004, approximately 400,000 vehicle models were recalled due to an engine cooling problem, and about a million cars were recalled for the brake light problems in the same year. Near about

200, 000 units were recalled in 2005 because of faulty windshield wipers. Several other Taurus models were recalled because of faulty windshield, power seats, suspension springs and headlights.

Vehicle History:

One another consideration while purchasing a Taurus was its vehicle history. !n 1990s and 2000s the vehicle collected immense popularity and several driving schools, rental agencies used it. As well as In addition, several drivers rented the Taurus by one of Ford’s admired short term financing programs. But in all cases discussed above, Taurus has been a question for its ownership as it was not maintained by a long term owner. For this reason, each buyer required to inspect the car or ask for vehicle history before purchasing it.

General Disadvantages:

All these problems forced Ford Taurus to discontinue its manufacturing in 2008. As, Taurus was

criticized as featureless as well as incapable to go up against the alike priced European as well as

Asian import sedans. Similarly, car reviewers have complained about the lack of a manual

transmission in 4-cylinder engines in numerous model years while the competing vehicles

offered it. With the production of crossover utility vehicles, Taurus station wagon experienced

space problem until its new model was introduced named as Ford Freestyle crossover.

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