Ford To Use Start-Stop For Non-Hybrid Models

Ford realized there’s no good reason why shouldn’t they expand the use of auto start-stop system for conventional sedans and SUVs.

Currently only hybrid models and a few European models are benefiting from this system which according to ford result in at least four percent improvement in fuel economy.

This system is very simple, but it works. In city driving when the vehicle is stopped, the engine restarts the instant the driver’s foot leaves the brake pedal. When the engine is off, all of the vehicle’s accessories function normally.


“For the driver, Ford Auto Start-Stop provides extra fuel efficiency without inconvenience, as it works completely automatically,” said Barb Samardzich, Ford vice president of Powertrain engineering. “And, just like in our hybrid vehicles, the heater, and air conditioner work as normal so drivers will not sacrifice comfort.”

The global rollout of Auto Start-Stop is under way in Europe. The system, designed to work on both gasoline and diesel engines, is standard on the ECOnetic models of the Ford Ka and Mondeo, and is launching now on Focus, C-MAX and Grand C-MAX. The fuel-saving system debuts in North America in 2012 and eventually will be offered in all of Ford’s global markets.

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