Ford Windstar Gas Mileage Problems

If you feel that your Ford Windstar van is not working well as it was doing before and also presenting poor fuel mileage, there may several reasons behind this. You have to bring maintenance to your vehicle to get better gas mileage as well as to maintain factory fuel economy. Here in this article we will briefly talk about Ford Windstar gas mileage problems along with the required maintenance.

Spark Plugs and Wires:

Your Ford Windstar may have gas mileage problems due to spark plugs or otherwise spark plug wires. If spark plug has become dirty or damaged then it will result in poor fuel economy. If the charge from the spark plug tip is somewhat weak, raw, underdone fuel could be leaving through and out of the exhaust. Similarly, if spark plug wires are damaged it will present the same poor results.

Gas Mileage Problems

Tire Pressure:

Flat tires of your Ford Windstar can also offer poor fuel economy. In case if the tires are not aired up or otherwise flatted properly as recommended then it will cause a sloppy ride. On the other hand under inflated tires form a flat spot and hordes of drag when rolling. Consequently, it will require more fuel to go ahead at the same speed as if the tires were correctly inflated.


The advance speed limit (generally 55 or 60 MPH) is not just provided for security but to get best fuel economy as well. If your vehicle standard speed is about 70 MPH or even higher, then it will absolutely increase the gas mileage by just slowing down. Although, you may think it as a slight price cut but at last you will put aside a huge amount.

Fuel Injectors:

Usually the nozzles of fuel injectors become clogged with the passage of time and this cause to confine their flow. Cleaning tools like Lucas injector cleaner helps in this way. You have to simply scuttle a small bottle by a full tank every few fill-ups. Clean injectors offer a good fuel economy in your Ford Windstar.

Catalytic Converter:

You will probably find the catalytic converter, or CAT, into the exhaust system of your Ford Windstar which superheats exhaust gases that way out the engine unburnt, while maintaining the tailpipe emissions cleaner. Components inside the CAT are blocked over time, which brings large back-pressure on the exhaust system. In this case, engine has to struggle harder to uphold the same speeds until a good CAT is fitted.

In most cases, checking CAT just requires a simple shake test in the driveway which informs whether the CAT is bad or not. If it puts off and produce sounds like rocks in a coffee can, then you will require its replacement.

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