Fostla Audi RS6

Fostla’s main profession is wrapping cars in awesome foils. But this time they decided to have a crack at a full-blown tuning job. Well, sort of. Because they worked on a Audi RS6 already tuned by MTM. The car makes a colossal 759 hp and 912 Nm torque.

Other features of the car include a wheel and tyre combination of RS5 9×20 ET29 rims equipped with 275/35R20 tyres, and Audi’s own ceramic braking system with discs of 420 mm in diameter. By the way, the MTM RS 6 R is capable of reaching the speed of 348 km/h. The car also gets a carbon front lip and a rear diffuser as the necessary aero parts to keep the car in check at the kind of speed, especially an estate car that is designed to carry your family and goods!

Last but not least, the RS6 is wrapped in a lovely blue film. that’s pretty much what Fostla has done. Still, it’s a nice car all around.


More details in the press release below (translated):

Judging by its work output, the Audi RS 6 created by the Audi branch Quattro GmbH in Neckarsulm is the strongest variant out of A6. The corresponding station wagon by Audi is called Avant. But today the one who thinks that the “strongest variant judging by its work output” is not possible, is mistaken as long as there is such tuner as MTM. After the drastic power increase (“Rosskur” is for “power increase” in German and that is probably where the “R” in the car’s name MTM RS R 6 comes from), it is entirely wrong and irrespective to describe this segment as a family car, taking into account its strength of a wild bear with 759 hp and 912 Nm torque at the crankshaft. The right sound is almost automatically reached by stainless steel exhaust system with race catalyst including valves on two pipes that are certainly adjustable.

And yet, what can restore the unbeaten glory of the great „family car“? The outfit, of course! Again it was, a specialist in premium foil wrapping from Hannover, that has perfectly led this Audi RS 6 R fully in anodized matt blue metallic PWF to the stage and drew another positive example in quantum leap in foiling instead of painting. The price for the modification of the outer skin comes up to 2,500 Euro, including 5% tinting of the front and back lights. Specialist’s work is a bit more expensive, but in any case, it is advisable to visit the garage of the self-appointed foiler round the corner. There is nothing against garages, after all, Microsoft also once started in a garage…


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