General Auto AC Problems

If your car Air Conditioner leaves to function in summer you will feel it the worst thing that can happen. Before asking a mechanic to tackle this problem first understand what is going wrong with you’re A/C. It will not only best describe your problem to the mechanic but put aside your cash as well. Read more about auto AC problems in the subsequent section.

Common AC Problems:

General AC problems take in the following:

  • Leaking refrigerant,
  • Sporadic temperatures,
  • Noisy compressor
  • Stinky air

Auto AC

Leaking Refrigerant:

Mostly old cars experience a leakage in refrigerant due to deficiency of enough refrigerant within the assembly. Lack of refrigerant; mainly happen because of a leak in the AC compressor, evaporator or with the hoses. Any type of this leakage let the system to shutdown. You can ask a mechanic to solve this problem.

Sporadic Temperatures:

Sporadic temperatures are another kind of problems that can happen with your AC. It takes place when your car blows warm and cool off and on with the passage of time. It may be due to the moisture getting in your car and causing ice to build up and block the orifice tube near the evaporator as well.

A professional mechanic can deal with this by making use of a vacuum pump to push the moisture out. Sporadic temperatures can come about in consequence of problems in electrical system of your car. In this case compressor clutch may be incapable for accepting a strong enough electrical charge from the battery. Then the clutch may fail to set off the compressor when the charge is not sufficient

Noisy Compressor:

You may find a noisy compressor in your car because of the hoses or any element that began shaking near the engine. AC compressor might cause this noise, and thus, you have to replace the compressor which can cost you about a couple of hundred dollars.

Auto AC Problem

Stinky Smell:

The AC may emit a strange scent. Usually the bacteria cause the AC to stink which has grown on the evaporator. Earlier than replacing the AC try to ask your mechanic if he can use an enzyme solution to clean the AC

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