Guide to Car Cover for Track Days

Most of the people choose to enjoy their cars to the maximum in a fairly safe environment of the track.

Track days are organized by many companies and clubs. There are every type of cars ranging from supper ones like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche Ferrari right down to the home made kit cars including hot hatch and sports cars.

When reading this small article, it will give a sense that a lot of risk involved in this. For instance, damage that is caused to the track might be because of the driver involved. Because of the increased cost of Armco barriers and the risk of a major oil drops the liability can add up quickly.

Track Days

It should not be assumed that the current policy will cover for track days as many exclude this specifically. At the beginning of the track day, a disclaimer will be given to sign which prevents the claim against the operators of the track and certainly makes one personally responsible for any damage caused the car by one self or others.

If a policy has been taken out with a modified car specialist then it can be found that they can offer extra cover for each track day that is done. If this option is not he one preferred or the cost is excessive then there are a number of specialist insurers who will cover while one is on the circuit.

This cover has to be carefully checked and it has to be made sure it has been understood what it does and does not cover. It should be checked how much cover there is for personal injury. In case of any thing worse, then it can make one unable to work for surely a short time.

Any exclusion on the policy for car damages can be noted. The engine, tires and transmission wheels are generally excluded. Another real risk is the fire. The brake temperature besides engine temperature gets too much higher on a track day as compared to a normal driving, it all takes a split hose from the oil or fuel lines and there can be a horrible fire

Asking about recovery costs and charges made by the circuit operators is also important. It should be asked if the track which one is attending charges for recovery of the car and if the attendance of a fire or other staff or emergency crew is needed. It should be enquired if the policy stipulates any other requirements like a recent full service and that the car is in a good condition.

The limits offered by the liability cover should be checked as it is also included. In case the accident closes the track for some time and the circuit is not able to host an important event and if there is an issue of recklessness and negligence and a spectator or someone from the general public was injured then it also has to be considered.

The more cover, the more time it will cost so a personal risk assessment should be carried out to check which cover is really needed. Using a track is not a license for driving like a crazy person, there are possibilities of serious and expensive risks which can cost heavily.

A track day cover can be taken out for minimizing the financial cost and driving within limit while learning to explore the limits of the car.

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