Guide to Toyota Corolla Tuning

The car that has set the safety standards and driving comfort in market for some quite some time is the Toyota Corolla. It is one of the highest sold cars as compared to other cars. It can be named as one of the most efficient, reliable and low priced car in the market for many reasons. It is reliable because it has a high demand for a long time, it is efficient because it can run without alteration in the existing model and it is economical because it can be bought at comparatively low price as compared to other cars.

Besides reliability and being efficient, there are many reasons that prompt for tuning up this car. For better looks and improved performance, this car is the one which one can select to go with. Little adjustment may be involved in the tuning relating to engine and body for better look and enhanced performance. Although not really needed but Toyota Corolla might run better if one goes through Toyota Corolla tuning. It is important to note that while tuning, this is a much better car as compared to other cars in this range.

There are various models of Toyota Corolla but normally 1.3 and 1.6l are the engines that are mostly used. Unfortunately, 1.3 engines can not be upgraded but when it comes to 1.6l engine, it is upgradable by means of a 6 speed gear box and little other alterations in some other parts. A few alterations and a small tuning will surely enhance the engine speed and efficiency by as much as 40%. Although it has to be made certain that it has to be upgraded by a professional expert who knows the tuning knowledge of the car. If not, than it can be a little challenge for the starters than an opportunity.

2009 Toyota Corolla

One more thing that one can wish to do for Toyota Corolla is to build it more efficient by changing its tires. While on the road, there are various driving situations and these are the tires that determine the overall running power and fuel efficiency. Although many industrialized tires are of high and good quality but after a passage of time, their performance decreases so one has to be very careful. When it happens, it is the right time to buy modified tires. Tires of different types and different quality can be bought from almost everywhere. They are not only available at specialized stores but are even available at ordinary car shops. The brakes are of no big issue with Toyota Corolla. However, if one wishes to drive at high speeds and really wish for brakes, then adding sports brake pads can be of a valuable addition.

As the matter of ECU re-mapping is concerned, one has to be fully sure whether to do this or not. This is not always the best choice but if one really wants to see an overpowering BHP boost up in the Toyota Corolla, then there is no harm in going ahead.

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