Guide to Wiring Basics – Crimping and Stripping

Stripping the wires

For making an electrical connection, a part of the rubber insulation present at the wire’s end has to be stripped away.

It will be good to use a stripping tool for this purpose, the end of the wire about the size of ¼ inch has to be placed into a hole and clamped down on it. The insulation can be ten pulled away.

Strippin Wire

The twist

When the end of the wire exposed, it should be given a twist on the end for firming it up and allowing a more positive connection when it is crimped.

Twisting Wire

Crimping the Connection

For making a permanent connection between two wires, the twisted end has to be inserted into a wire crimp of a proper size. When the end is inside the crimp, it has to be clamped hard with the help of a clamping tool. The end of the crimp has to be crushed holding the wire in place.

Crimping Wire

Taping it up

Although taping up is not necessary every time but if the wiring connection has a chance of being effected with moisture, vibration or excessive movement, then it ill be better to tape up the connection.

Taping Wires

There are electric tapes for this purpose; they use friction to grip it. The electric tape has to be tightly tied around the electrical connection.

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