Hartmann VW T5

More and more tuners are these days try their hands at tuning vans, probably because the demand for tricked-out people carriers are soaring.

This is the new kid on the block, the Hartmann VW T5. T5 Prime is the name of the VANSPORTS tuning line by Hartmann, which adds power and a dynamic plus to the VW T5. For diesel-engines a power-upgrade is available. The VANSPORTS electronic Diesel-Performance-Kit pushes the 2.0 TDI from 103 kW up to 122 kW, torque from 340 up to 395 Nm and the 2.0 BiTDI from 132 kW up to 156 kW, torque from 400 up to 460 Nm.

For more driving fun with the T5 Prime Hartmann Tuning offers a sport-exhaust-system and an electronic accelerator pedal kit, which optimizes the standard signal in the T5.This allows a significantly shorter reaction time during acceleration. Pretty special car this.


Further details:

For a better dynamic appearance on the street the T5 Prime is equipped with a sport suspension. The high-performance sport suspension systems from Hartmann Tuning optimizes road handling for all steering, acceleration and braking maneuvers without sacrificing any comfort. The sport suspension brings the T5 30 mm further down to the road. The front spoilers are as well visual highlights as the side-skirts and the rear skirt extension – not to forget the huge light alloy wheel program. Many wheel designs with attractive finishes are available (pictured is wheel VEST 3 in 9 x 20 with 275/35 R20 Tires). Individual interior styling from VANSPORTS by Hartmann Tuning offers velour carpeting with an embroidered Hartmann emblem, antiskid rubber-knobs and interior parts in carbon optic.

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