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Like many other cars, the new Honda Civic too gets its very own smartphone application.

Weirdly, the app is most useful for those who don’t own a Civic, but are planning to buy one. Designed and produced by Nexus/H, the app recognises the need to fulfil a real role in gathering knowledge and key information as part of the buying process in today’s competitive market and is aimed at a younger more digital savvy audience for Civic.

As a key part of creating new touchpoints and connections with a wider customer  audience the new app combines both online and offline channels with the adoption of QR codes within all new Civic printed catalogues for a more dynamic and interactive experience. It’s all nice, but I prefer go down to the showroom and check the car out in the real life.


Honda press release:

Martin Moll, Head of Marketing, Honda UK: “People today want information as part of their journey towards purchase but simple data and stats can be pretty dull. With the new mobile app the challenge was to really engage with the audience whilst at the same time deliver a relevant and involving interaction. In many ways this is the same experience we are trying to reflect in the new Civic when you discover something new and innovative.”

Glenn Smith, Creative Director, Nexus/H: “Creatively the app had to be imaginative and unique, technically it had to be challenging and innovative but most importantly the app had to be useable and of real commercial value as part of the customer journey towards purchase.”

The app incorporates a number of key interactive elements enabling the consumer to fully explore some of the key features of the new Civic including:

  • An interactive “hot spot” to demonstrate the imaginative Honda “Magic Seats” system with a fun game that shows the variety of items that can be conveniently stored within the flexible interior and luggage area.
  • A dynamic 360 degree viewing facility that provides a virtual tour of the interior space and equipment that becomes even more involving with the iPhone version which uses an accelerometer.
  • Users can create their own “wind tunnel” experiment through the smartphone mic and discover some of the key aerodynamic and handling characteristics of the new Civic.
  • Ability for users to “explore models” and to create their own new Civic, choosing model, engine, grade, colour, etc., with a social media and email facility to post and share their model on Twitter or Facebook.

The mobile app is available for download in over 20 markets throughout Europe including UK from the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

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