How Do I Change the Cabin Air Filter on My 2003 Honda Accord?

Clean cabin air filter can work well and lasts for a long time as compare to clogged and dirty air filter. It is fairly simple to replace an air filter in the 2003 Honda Accord than the previous versions of the model. This air filter usually filters the air coming from the engine compartment into the passenger cab of the vehicle. A clean air filter let the A/C to run better. On the other hand, a clogged filter causes the air being six times dirtier inside your car. Now a question may rise in your mind how do I change the cabin air filter on my 2003 Honda Accord. Let see how you will do it.

Access to the Filter:

In earlier models of the car (late ’80s and early ’90s), it required to remove the glove box as well as half of the passenger side dashboard to get to the air filter. On the other side, in Honda Accord 2003, it does not need any other part to be removed to access its air filter and no additional tools are required.

Cabin Air Filter

Later than you open the glove box and removed its contents, detach the stop arm to be found on the right hand side. This will simply unsnaps its retaining clip from the box assembly.
When you get to the top of the box on each side, softly push inmost so the flexible sides will give way vaguely to unseat the box guides from the track grooves. This will drop away the box on the floorboard and finally you will access the cabin air filter housing of your car.

Replacing the Filter:

You will find the air filter behind the glove box. Now pull this filter frame out of the housing. Air filter lies inside the filter frame and functions in the direction of air flow. A marked arrow indicator is there on the filter side to represent this direction. Once the new air filter is installed this arrow direction should point towards it. Now take away the old filter from the filter frame and then put the new one in its place. If cabin air filter compartment is too dirty and grimy ask a car shop mechanic to make it clean. After placing the new filter, verify that it is properly placed

In its position and after ensuring it reinsert the frame along with filter assembly. Move the glove box up as well as push in the sides once more to reattach the upper guides to the track grooves. Attach the stop arm again and after that put back the contents to the glove box.

Air Filter

Maintenance Schedules:

Honda Accord 2003 requires one filter but the old models equipped with two-filter system. This is usually a high quality filter which requires less service. The older filters were suggested to be replaced every 15,000 miles or else once a year. On the other hand, a good filter, whether you have bought it from the car dealer or a popular name market, will work about 30,000 miles otherwise every other year on the 2003 Honda Accord.

Keep in mind that dust and rust let the air filter to leave working and hence cause it to be replaced more times. Try to check the cabin air filter at least once a year and replace it if needed. This will maximize the quality of air blown inside the passenger cab plus help breathing in fresh and unsullied atmosphere.

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