How Does Fuel Injection Work?

In past days, gas powered vehicles employed a carburetor to put gas in the engine and it worked sound. But with the passage of time, especially after fuel injection came, the situation has changed. Fuel injectors not only emit less but provide with more gas mileage as well. To begin you must know how does fuel injection work?

Now it became clear that carburetor was an inventive innovation. Your vehicle has four cycles and one of these cycles is a ‘suck’.

Fuel Injection

The carburetor was an ingenious invention in itself. Your car’s engine has 4 cycles, and one of them is a “suck” cycle. Put merely, the engine sucks (means produces extreme vacuum within the cylinder) and when it does, carburetor let the sufficient amount of gas there and air sucked into the engine. Although, it was working fine but it was deficient in providing the accuracy of a pressurized injection system.

Enter fuel injection:

In this case, your engine sucks, but fuel injection puts accurately the right amount of fuel into the chamber rather than relying on the suck. Although fuel injection system have gone but the system with new electronic does the same thing and valve (which is electrically activated and known as injector) sprays a particular amount of fuel into your car’s engine.

Single Port Fuel Injection

Single port fuel injection systems are quite common and spray gas into a central intake then sucks this gas and air into your car’s engine at a time. Single port fuel injection system was like an in-between invention and has both a carburetor and fuel injection. This came popular in United States although European and Japanese vehicles passed over it and employed multi-port fuel injection,

Multi Port Fuel Injection

Recently Multi-port injection has become famous as it is most practical technique to meter gas into the car’s engine. Multi-port injection also known as MFI and usually consists of an injector for every cylinder in the engine. This injector normally sprays fuel through the intake valve otherwise by means of valves into the burning chamber. Then each of the injector is separately activated by wire. In old versions of this system (for instance CIS, Jetronic and Motronic) a fuel distributor was used which metered fuel to the injectors by separate fuel lines. In latest versions, only a single fuel line is used that joins to a fuel rail on top of the engine. This injector obtains gas from the central fuel rail and then sprays it into the engine.

Direct Injection Diesel

In recent years the Direct Injection Diesel are found to work well. In Direct Injection Diesel engines, an injector sprays fuel past the glow plug in the combustion chamber. These engines provide with complete burning of the diesel fuel which results into better efficiency as well as less smoke which pollutes the atmosphere.

Measuring the Air

It may be helpful for you to know about how you can determine how much gas your engine required by how much air it was sucking in. Actually once your car’s engine starts, air measurement begins as well. In early systems, they used a vane system which was mainly a wave inside a tube for the intent to how much air was being sucked up till now.

Later on in the systems ‘Hot Wire’ was used to measure it. When engine starts, the wire normally becomes red hot. While air is sucked past this wire, it gets colored. Then your car’s brain determines much cooler it’s getting and after that it utilized this number to discover how much air it’s sucking at that time.

Fuel Injection

The car’s brain measures exactly how much cooler it’s getting and uses this number to figure out how much air it’s sucking. Then it squirts the appropriate fuel amount into the engine.

Types of Fuel Injector Systems:

Several types of fuel injector system have been introduced for instance electronic fuel injection, systems with one oxygen sensor, mechanical fuel injection, and fuel injector systems with four oxygen sensors, although each kind offers the same basics at all.

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