How Often Do You Clean K & N Filters?

All types of vehicles have filters as most important part. Filters tend to increase the gas mileage of your vehicle, remove contaminations, reduce exhaust temperatures, and offer more horsepower as well. They ensure that pure ingredients are there in the cars’ drive train and thus they must be checked for any type of damage so they can provide better performance. You will find there different types of filters for instance air, oil, fuel, and transmission filters. In case if your vehicle has K & N filters then let see how often do you clean K & N filters?

K & N Filters:

In 1969 K & N Engineering introduced high-flow air filters for various applications. Basically these filters were designed to improve the performance of vehicles in off road motorcycle racing. It aimed to save the buyer cash as well as to provide better performance in ruthless driving situations.

Clean K & N Filters

Routine Cleaning of Air Filter:

You are recommended to clean your filters on the schedule based on the instructions of each distinct manufacturer. Although, K & N suggests that its air filters must be cleaned every 50,000 miles depending on driving conditions. If we make a comparison then, we will come to know that a typical OEM air filter needs to be cleaned five times at the same time as a K &N is cleaned just once. Cleaning an air filter is a simple process with just three steps i.e. cleaning, drying and re-oiling.

Clean K & N Filters

Cleaning Process:

The filter cleaning process begins by cleaning the filter. For this course, K & N has assembled the perfect cleaning kit. So you are advised to utilize the provided soap to clean the filter. Carry on spraying the filter until unless it is saturated, and let it in this condition for about 10 minutes. When you finished with cleansing the filter, rinse the filter now by means of a garden hose. Let the water go throughout the dirty as well as clean side of the filter. When you find the filter totally dried, then apply K & N filter oil, and install the filter again.

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