How Often Should You Change Rear Brakes?

Among several reasons for car accidents and mishaps, the most snooped one is the brake failure. If it is the case, the driver happens to run into another vehicle or even a person, otherwise off the side of the road. So the only thing to consider for avoiding such type of accidents is that you must have to change your vehicle rear brakes occasionally as recommended by the manufacturer.

Here’s how often should you change rear brakes of your vehicle.

Determining Problems:

There are a number of checks you can apply to see if it is required to change your vehicle rear brakes. You can check it for any type of damage. For instance, it may produce exceptional sounds at the time when you move toward to a stop which indicates that is has worn out. In many cases, front brakes require replacement earlier than the rear brakes.

Rear Brakes

Check if you feel any strange vibrations. Does it stop proper working when you set your foot on the pedal to approach a stop? Is it not as receptive or quick as normal? All these signs let you easily know whether you need to change your vehicle brakes or not?

Mileage Factors:

Keep in mind that there is not any set mileage to change rear brakes. As, several cars tend to go for many more miles as compare to others while having the original set of rear brakes. Rather than the mileage on the vehicle’s odometer, the replacement of brakes much more depend on the quality of the original brakes as well as the braking habits of a particular driver.

For example, in case of a Honda Civic, the general consensus is about 60,000 to 90,000 miles or else the life of three brake pads or drums. Whereas a, Ford Freestyle soon requires to replace its brakes i.e. about at only 30,000 miles.

Rear Brakes

Other Factors:

Driving locations matter a lot as well for this reason it will be different to drive a vehicle on a highway or otherwise on city roads. As, in case of city roads you have to heavily make use of brakes thus; it will require brakes replacement sooner.
In addition to this remember that the overall quality of a braking system also affects the wear on the brakes. Lastly, keep in mind that the front brakes of a vehicle receive the higher braking load, thus require an early replacement. While the annual inspection of your vehicle, ask them to check the front and rear brakes as well.

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