How to Change Brake Shoes Guide

During 20s, the majority automobiles had rear drum brakes and these braking systems employ hydraulically operated shoes for applying rubbing to a drum’s interior, which causes the car to stop. Normally shoe material can exhaust promptly and hence needs to be replaced. It takes about 30 minutes to do this replacement. Let us briefly discuss about how to change brake shoes.

Things you’ll need:

To change brake shoes, you may possibly need the following things:

  • Socket set
  • Screwdrivers
  • Floor jack
  • Lug wrench
  • Pedestal
  • Changing Brake Shoes

Brake Shoes

Step 1:

Start with lifting the vehicle at its brake that needs to be changed by putting the floor jack onto the frame rail and pumping it until the wheel is in the air. In order to avoid jack failure put a pedestal under the frame.

Step 2:

Next turn the lug nuts in anticlockwise direction to take out the wheel, after that pull the wheel free of the hub. Set the wheel to one side.

Step 3:

Now pull the drum free of the hub, otherwise turn the keeper screw in anticlockwise direction to release the drum. The keeper screw is usually an off-center bolt on the front of the drum, grasping it to the hub. You may come across wreckage and dust; extreme dust could point to a lack of maintenance.

Step 4:

Now take out the shoes by levering the long springs from the shoe hooks by means of a screwdriver, and afterward turn the primary spring bolt in counterclockwise direction. Slip the shoe away from the brake assembly. It is a better way to put back the long springs and test out the wheel cylinder for leaks.

Step 5:

Now slide the shoes on the brake assembly to replace them and turn the primary spring bolt in clockwise direction. Join the long springs with the shoe hooks. Now look at the adjustment bolt at the bottom of the assembly for slip.

Step 6:

Slide the drum over the shoes and then turn the keeper bolt in clockwise direction to replace the drum.

Step 7:

Next turn the purge nipple (that is located on the back of the brake) to bleed the brake and then mount plate in counterclockwise direction. After that; press the brake pedal at the same time as constantly filling the master cylinder. You may need another person to help out you at this moment but you can do it alone as well. When the find fluid that is coming out is golden yellow and unvarying, twist the nipple in clockwise direction to close it.

Brake Shoes

Step 8:

Now swap the wheel as well as turn the lug nuts in clockwise direction..

Step 9:

Lower the vehicle from the floor jack by turning the pressure screw in anticlockwise direction.

Step 10:

Do the same procedure with all the remaining brakes

Tips & Warnings:

  • While changing brake shoes, it is better to replace the drum as well.
  • Pay extra attention when you work beneath your vehicle.

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