How to Check Your Tire Pressure Guide

Most of us don’t have the habit of checking tire pressure of our vehicle. Actually this is something we all should do regularly. It has a lot to do with our lives. If the tire pressure is not up to its mark, then danger can happen and once happened, there is no use of feeling sorry about it. If you are a person that knows the importance of safe driving, then you should check the tire pressure at least once in a month. Give importance to checking the tire pressure just like the maintenance of your vehicle.

Tire Pressure:

There are air molecules inside the tires of our vehicle and they will surely be exerting some kind of force. And this force is known as tire pressure. When you drive, the tire pressure of your vehicle may decrease to some extent. And there are some reasons to support it, about which we will be discussing some other day. Here we will discuss just about how to check the tire pressure of our vehicle.

Tire Pressure

What all things you’ll need:

  • Tire pressure gauges
  • The placard
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems

How to check tire pressure:-

Step 1: If you are thinking of checking the tire pressure of your vehicle, then the best time for doing that would be early in the morning. This is the time when the tires have not warmed up. If you have gone for a drive early in the morning, then you should be waiting for another day. You’ll have to make sure that the vehicle has got some rest before you attempt to check the tire pressure. Even a very short driving from your side, can warm up the tires – which we don’t want while checking the tire pressure.

Step 2: When you take the notes regarding the tire pressure, make sure you concentrate on the placard and not on the tire sidewall. If you note down the tire sidewall, you won’t be getting the recommended tire pressure for your car.

Step 3: Now, check your wheels, and remove the valve caps that you can see over there. And after that, you should insert the gauge into the valve system.

Step 4: Soon after that (better if you do it just after a second after the third step), from the valve system, just remove the pressure gauge. Now don’t forget to note down the psi value.

Step 5: You should repeat the steps that we have mentioned over here for all the tires in your vehicle.

Step 6: Now, check the results that you got from the tires with the specifications mentioned by the manufacturer.

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