How to Clean a Carburetor Guide

We all know that a vehicle runs with the help of the fuel that we fill in the fuel tank of the vehicle. Carburetor is a component that converts the fuel to a form which a vehicle can make use of. The engine then, gets it as the power to drive the vehicle. Since carburetor is the component that helps in giving power to the engine of a vehicle, it must be kept clean all the time. Dirt and other such waste materials can get through the carburetor and will settle there for a long time, if they are not washed away.

How to start:

Before starting to clean the carburetor, the various components associated with it have to be removed. First of all you should remove all wires from the carburetor, so that it can be easily pulled out from the vehicle. There will be wires connected to the carburetor from various other components of the vehicle. Now, it’s time to remove the carburetor from its slot. This can be done with the help of a ratchet. Using a good ratchet, you should remove all the bolts associated with the carburetor. Now, gently pull it off from the vehicle – utmost care should be taken while doing this step. If not done the right way, it can damage the working of other components.

Clean Carburetor

Steps to clean a carburetor:-

Step 1: First of all remove casing of the carburetor. This can be done using a ratchet. There will be bolts, so remove them first.

Step 2: Then spray the different parts of the carburetor with a carburetor spray. Do not leave even a single component unsprayed. This is the step which actually removes the dirt from the different components of the carburetor.

Step 3: Now use an air compressor for the holes and other such parts. This should be done at places where you can’t clean using the carburetor spray. There will be a lot of hard to reach regions in the vehicle; those places have to be worked through using an air compressor.

Step 4: After performing above mentioned step, you may see some dirt sticking on the surfaces of the various components. For removing them completely, you may a clean cloth. It is recommended that use a clean moist cloth for cleaning the surfaces.

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