How to Clean a K & N Motorcycle Filter

Air filters (such as K&N air filters) tend to provide immense flow of air into the intake at the same time as they keep remains from causing mess on the susceptible elements of your vehicle. It is necessary to keep these air filters clean in order to allow them work properly. As, soiled or unclean air filters cannot offer the required air flow, consequently containments begin to build up on your motorcycle which results in costly piston wear. You will be pleased to know that cleaning a K & N air filter is a simple job which you can do on your home in your home. Here’s how to clean a K & N motorcycle filter.

Things you’ll need:

The important things to clean a K & N air filter include:

  • Motorcycle
  • K&N air filter
  • K&N re charger filter care service kit (Part #99-5000)
  • Cleaning Process
  • Screwdrivers
  • Allen head sockets
  • Socket wrench

Motorcycle Filter

Step 1:

Firstly, take the K&N filter out from your air box or else carburetor. The other body parts or even the fuel tank may be required to remove the air filter.

Step 2:

In order to loosen the large deposits from the filter media tap its sides softly.

Step 3:

Now use filter cleaner to spray the clean (usually the inner) side of the air filter until unless the fluid fully soaks the pleated filter material.

Step 4:

Next spray the dirty (i.e. outer) side of the air filter by filter cleaner until unless the fluid completely soaks the pleated filter material.

Step 5:

Now wait about 10 minutes to let the cleaner soaking into the filter media.

Step 6:

After that, wash the air filter with quite a low-pressure stream of water which you will apply to the inner side of the filter. Take away any residual dust at this time.

Step 7:

Next shake the filter to get rid of any excess water, and wait until it dries. Avoid using forced heat.

Oiling Process

Step 1:

Now apply an even coat of oil on the outer side of the K&N air filter, while spraying the top of each pleat in the filter media.

Step 2:

Allow the oil to go through the filter media for about 20 minutes.

Motorcycle Filter

Step 3:

Afterward turn the air filter over, and look at the inner (and clean) side of the filter for lighter colored areas, to imply those areas that have not been oiled yet.

Step 4:

Now if you find such type or regions spray their outer side with oil, while focusing on the top of the filter’s pleats. When you have done with it check if the entire surface of the filter showing an even red color.

Step 5:

Finally before installing the air filter on your motorcycle again check it thoroughly for any signs of damage, for instance tears or else holes.

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