How to Destroy an Engine Using Sodium Silicate

Usually thousands of cars are taken to the scrap yard for destruction however earlier than that, these cars are required to be disabled or immobilized in such a way that no dishonest manufacturer can still make cash by putting up for sale these cars that the government considered  were too unproductive to be on the road any longer. So for this reason all parts of such a car must be completely destroyed and the chemical Sodium Silicate (also known as liquid glass) is normally used for this purpose. Here we will discuss how to destroy an engine using sodium silicate.
Chemical formula: Na2SiO3

It is a basically a glass in its usual form, although it can be dissolved into water to make an aqueous solution. When water is heated about 200 degrees Fahrenheit (as heated in a running engine), it boils out and runs off the glass. After that it crystallizes into hard and fragile material. Let see how this material can be used.

Destroy  Engin

Things you’ll need:

  • Sodium Silicate Solution
  • Car that you no longer want to live

Step 1:

To begin, first of all get sodium silicate in a solution form. Actually you are buying it in aqueous form. It is available there in the majority of at chemical storehouses or else in specialty stores. Don’t worry about this as you can easily obtain it with quite cheap price. It became cheaper these days due to the government’s Cash for Clunkers program. Once you acquire it you will know that this solution contains 40% sodium silicate and 60% water in it with the price rates of about $5-$10 for two quarts. This amount of solution is adequate to destroy an engine of a vehicle.

Step 2:

Now draw off the oil from the vehicle’s engine and substitute the fluid with the sodium silicate.

Step 3:

Turn the engine on at 2,000 rpm for 5 to 10 minutes. If the engine continues to work at this point then go over this step until it seizes.

Tips & Warnings:

What happens is this:

  • As you are going to use the liquid form of this solution, it will then fill your engine. When heat increases, the water begins to evaporate and runs off other substance behind which result in hardens and finally seizes up the engine. As the engine is filled with hard glass, it will be quite impossible to make the engine clean from this glass and hence it makes the engine totally ineffective. And positive factor is that it is a very cheap and inexpensive way you can easily do to destroy your car engine.
  • Remember that this procedure is irreparable. So don’t apply it until unless you truly desire to dead your car.

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