How to Fix a Chipped Windshield – Repair Chip from Windshield

All we know that windshields are usually long-lasting, although one small chip or scratch on the surface is all it takes to damage the whole thing. Replacing the complete windshield makes logic if your entire windshield is broken; however, it’s a time and cost consuming process. You can fix a chipped windshield yourself if you do not want to pay huge money to a car mechanic. Though, it would take some extra time and effort than a mechanic but it will be just for the first time. This article will guide you of how to fix a chipped windshield.

Why Fix a Chipped Windshield?

When you have a chipped windshield, you can consider that the scratch or damage would be contained in just one little nick. The difficulty is that windshields are designed to share out damage; one small nick or chip is all it takes to totally wipe out the windshield. The plastic coated structure of the windshield does not have even a single stress point, except the links that make it tough are broken. One nick will cause hairline cracks, which will finally shatter the windshield. If you see a small nick on the windshield, you have to to repair it as soon as possible.

Remove Windshield Chip


To repair or fix a chipped windshield, you may necessitate the following tools:

Windshield repair kit:

Windshield repair kits usually come with a suction cup, a small plastic disc, a small cone, and a syringe that contains obvious resin which is almost sufficient for six or more windshield fixing jobs. You can pay money for a windshield repair kit to a car care center or the auto supply section of a hardware store.

Cleaning tools:

A grimy windshield is not easy to clean. For this course, you will need a lot of soapy water, window cleaner, a squeegee, and micro fiber or otherwise chamois cloth.


To fix a chipped windshield, go after these steps:

  • First you have to clean the windshield. You are supposed to pay extraordinary attention to the nicked area of the windshield, and get as much of the wreckage and chipped glass out of the chipped hole.
  • Stick the suction cup to the inner part of the windshield, straightforwardly behind the chipped area.
  • Take away the glue backing from the plastic disc and lay it on the chipped part of the windshield.
  • By means of the tip of the cone, punch a little hole on the middle of the plastic disc
  • Put the syringe in the cone, and stretch the plunger to create an air seal among the instrument and the suction cup.

Chipped Windshield

  • Free the plunger to fill the chipped area with resin. Fill the area in with just sufficient resin to fill the hole flat. Bear in mind that it is easier to refill a pit with resin as compared to remove the surplus resin.
  • With the syringe, cone, and disc still in place, permits the resin to make well for ten minutes. Do away with the instruments and permit the resin to cure for four hours.
  • Clean the windshield and ensure to make out if the repair job is clean. Make certain there are no air bubbles or pressure spots on the chipped area fixed with the resin.

After doing all this, a new windshield will set you back for a pair of weeks and save lots of cash as well. With a windshield repair kit and the appropriate steps to fix a chipped windshield, you don not have to be anxious about your windshield crushing or getting totally ruined anytime soon.

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