How to Install an Alternator on a Ford Tempo

While installing an alternator on your Ford Tempo, always verify that the new alternator has the same amperage as of the old one. Also check that pulley is of the same type plus the bolt holes are in the same location as they were before. Usually the majority alternators (including the Ford alternator) are designed to be installed in various vehicles although with somewhat different bolt locations. As Fords offers a problem in their voltage regulators, so at all times put in the regulator wires that bring the alternator with them to put off the fire.

Things you’ll need:

You will require the following tools:

  • 3/8-inch drive ratchet
  • Set of 3/8-inch drive sockets
  • Wire crimper tool
  • Set of wrenches


Step 1:

Begin with detaching the negative terminal on the battery and then take the accessory belt out. If it is a v-belt, make loose the adjusting bolt by means of a 3/8-inch drive ratchet plus a socket.

In order to release tension of the belt, let the alternator rotating. Next, take the belt away from the pulley, but not from the car. If it is a winding belt, bring into play a wrench to shift the tensioner away from the belt, thus it will cause to release the tension to remove the belt.

Step 2:

Cut off the electrical connectors from the alternator back. Now for removing the alternator, first take the two bolts out in the alternator.

Step 3:

Mount the new alternator together with the two bolts and let them tight loosely at this moment. Attach the electrical connectors on the alternator rear.

Install  Alternator

Step 4:

Next, mount the belt on the alternator pulley and then pull the alternator back for applying tension to the v-belt. Tighten the adjuster bolt for keeping the alternator in its appropriate place. Don’t forget to tighten both top and bottom bolts. In case if it is a serpentine belt system, make use of the wrench to move the tensioner away from the belt in the same way as it is installed. Finally let the tensioner apply tension to the belt.

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