How to Install VW Passat Cabin Air Filter

Volkswagen Passat vehicles have a cabin air filter which is found on the engine compartment. Here Air filter is to keep up the air quality inside the passenger cab of the vehicle. With the passage of time similar to other air filters this too gets dirty or become congested. It is quite simple to replace VW Passat cabin air filter. Keep in mind that it is essential to replace this air filter once a year or on every 15,000 miles. Let see how to install VW Passat cabin air filter.

Things you’ll need:

You will probably require the following things:

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Replacement cabin air filter

Passat Cabin Air Filter

Step 1:

First of all, open the hood to the VW Passat and locate the cabin air filter cover there on the passenger-side cowling.

Step 2:

Use a screwdriver to remove the retaining screw of the cowling. After that, take away the cover by pulling it to the front of the car.

Step 3:

Make it loosen the cabin air filter to take it out from its housing. Press on the front of the filter with your fingers, and next tow it out when it is free. Don’t forget to check the position of arrow indicator on the side of the filter.

Step 4:

Put the new cabin air filter in the filter housing while matching the air flow direction signified by the arrow on the side.

Step 5:

Now do with the aligning of the cover back over the cabin air filter housing. Verify that the notches on the cover and the grooves in the housing are going with each other.

Step 6:

Finally put the retaining screw back on the cowling and close the hood.

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