How to Make a Hovercraft Guide

Do you want to get a hovercraft? Here we’ll be telling you how to get one for free. Yes, there is no need to buy one – you can make one yourself pretty easily. The steps that we are going to mention here are pretty straight forward; even beginners will find it easy to follow.

Things you’ll need:

  • Cardboard

The dimensions of the cardboard should be 2-4 feetX4-6 feetX3/4 inches. Let it be a square, a rectangle or even a circle – that’s not going to create any trouble for us.

  • Hole saw
  • Utility knife
  • Stapler
  • Duct tape
  • Vacuum cleaner

Make a Hovercraft

Steps to make a hovercraft:

Step 1: At one end of the cardboard, make a hole using the hole saw. The radius should be around five inches. Make sure that the size of the blowing end is bigger than that of the holes.

Step 2: You should have a mill plastic with you – using it, you should cover one of the ends of the board. Once you do that, take the stapler that’s with you and staple the plastic on the board.

Step 3: Using a duct tape seal the different edges of the board so as to make sure that air don’t pass through it. And then, take the heavy mill plastic and from it, cut 4 inch circles – there should be six such circles. For that, you can use a utility knife.


Step 4: Now you should sit on the center of the board. Take the air blower and use it on the holes that you can see on the board. Through the ends of the holes, you may block air through the air blower.

Step 5: You have completed the steps needed to make a Hovercraft. Now you should ask one of your friends to move the board at a faster pace. You’ll notice it moving – and it would be a real surprise for people who are with you and even to you also. Do you remember the plastic that is associated with the board – it should be there on the bottom part. It should be either inflated or otherwise blown up.

These were the steps to make a hovercraft. We didn’t use any complicated tools or machinery. Making it was as easy as it could be. If you followed the steps, then you would be able to make a hovercraft yourself, without anyone’s help.

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