How to Make My 2006 Kawasaki 500 Vulcan Go Faster

Kawasaki’s 500cc Vulcan is considered as the perfect bike which enables you to ride confidently while being satisfied with it. As each motorbike manufactured presently tend to bring more powerful performance features. Although there still some options exists. Here’s how to make my

Step 1:

Put the stock air filter back together with an aftermarket air filter, for instance a K&N high-flow filter. These filters are usually designed in order to offer a better air flow as compare to the preventive stock paper filter.


Step 2:

Next put a high-performance jet kit in the carburetor. These jets tend to balance the air and fuel ratio by providing a greater amount of fuel to blend with the higher air flow from the upgraded air filter. The added input of air and fuel generates a stronger combustion, offering more power.

Step 3:

Substitute the usual restrictive stock exhaust system with an aftermarket system to put up the raise in waste gases from the additional air and fuel mixture.


Step 4:

Put in a smaller front sprocket. It causes to pick up the acceleration and has 16 teeth. Using a sprocket with 15 tooth tend to modify the final gear ratio improve low-end torque. This results in faster acceleration with maximum speed.

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