How to Mount Tires – Wheel Mounting Guide

The maintenance of any automobile also takes in mounting the tires. If tires are not mounted well, then it may result serious risks and accidents too. Normally, many car owners prefer automobile professionals to carry out this task but it is not to difficult if you decide to do it on your own. Although, it requires some tools as well as particular procedure that well guide how to mount tires.

Using a Tire Mounting Machine:

Tire mounting machine is frequently found on most of the automobile repair shops which simplifies the mounting process. . If you use this tool to mount the tires of your vehicle, then it bring ease and simplicity to your task as well

Mount Tires

What you’ll need:

To mount your car’s tires, you need the following tools:

  • Tire
  • Wheel or rim
  • Bead breaker
  • Spin balance machine
  • Mounting machine or tire iron


There are a number of steps that if performed properly, use to bring better results. Let us chat about these steps:

  • First of all, you must take the air out of the tire you would like to change. Tire stem removal tool may be so helpful for you to carry out this task.
  • Now, make use of a bead breaker to break the old tire’s bead. Ensure that you simply press beyond; as a result there will be most bead breaking leverage.
  • For proper working, you are supposed to take right sized tire as it would not work if its size is not appropriate. And also get a new valve stem.
  • Now, use tire irons or mounting machine to put the tire on the rim and also verify that both (tire and rim) are not damaged or spoiled during this process. Directions given on mounting machine may be useful for you to complete this task.
  • Go behind the instructions or directions specified on the spin balance machine to put the tire in this machine.
  • Blow up the tires. Discover what is the appropriate PSI inflation for your vehicle before doing this step

Mount Tires Rim

Manually Mounting the Tires:

As everyone does not have a mounting machine, so if you choose to mount your tires manually, you must pay extra attention to it as if not done correctly it may bring dangers or threats to you

What you’ll need:

  • Tire
  • Wheel or rim
  • Tire iron
  • Lubricant (oil, water or soap)


  • Come across a flat and even flooring to work on. Put the wheel there then lean the tire on it. Make sure that the tire is touching the floor, just on the side facing you.
  • It is better to oil the tire’s bead, that part of tire that comes in contact with the wheel. You may use oil, water or soap; as all of these make the bead pop on the wheel easier.
  • Now sit on your heels, placing your knee close to the tire’s bottom, straddling the wheel. After that, put your hands on the top of the tire. Apply stress, and next start on pushing down. If you employ adequate force, the tire will pop down on the wheel, so half of it is mounted on it.
  • Now stand on the tire, and make out if you can force the bead down on the wheel. If this way does not work, obtain a tire iron, and pry the tire on the wheel. While the tire is sitting over the wheel’s edge, you may bring into play the tire iron to place the end that does not have a socket over the wheel’s edge, to make certain it is down at least half an inch.
  • The tire iron is to some extent in the wheel, so vigilantly pry it out, going in your direction.
  • Now work around the tire, your hand pushing down on it, so it completely gets in the rim. See if it would not seat appropriately, put your foot down on the tire at the portion where the iron holds it down, next use it to work your way around the tire prying it down on the wheel, but avoid letting the previously seated tire part pop out.
  • Pump the tire when it is seated, by means of compressed air. Although, this can be unsafe, as the force can push the tire and wheel in the air, and next hit you. To avoid this risk, strap the wheel as well as tire before pumping.
  • When the tire begins to inflate the bottom bead seats first and there will be a pop. After that the sidewall will begin to budge. When it reaches after 3/4 of the bead sits, stop inflating for a while, stepping back. If the tire still does not seat appropriately, put in more air, stepping back again. You may repeat this step few times until the tire is inflated properly.

Mounting a tire is not too difficult and you may do it on your own but it requires some hard work and patience as well. But if you feel it hard then talk to a professional to carry out this task.

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