How to Open the Gas Tank on a Hummer H3

These days Hummer H3 is considered as the most versatile sport vehicle on the road. It is the latest version of Hummer’s widely offered four-wheel drive vehicle. It has certain great features that include all wheel antilock brake system, electronic traction control and a mechanically locking gas tank cover. It appears quite difficult to open its gas tank but you can do it after properly knowing about how to open the gas tank on a Hummer H3. Let’s see how it will be done.

Things you’ll need:

The things you will require include:

  • Hummer H3
  • Hummer H3 key

Gas Tank Hummer

Step 1:

First of all, pull up to the gas pump and then place the Hummer H3 in park. Now turn off the ignition key.

Step 2:

Next, get to the driver’s side next seat and turn over the small black button having the gas pump picture on it.

Step 3:

Go out the Hummer and drag the gas tank cover the rest of the way open. Then put your key in the gas tank lid and go round it counterclockwise direction to unlock this lid.

Step 4:

Take off the lid and then carry on to push gas into the Hummer.

Tips & Warnings:

There are some H3s that are provided with the combination of locking caps and the key lock. In this case you must have to know this combination to get in touch with the tank

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