How to Paint a Car

One of the most best ways to modify the look of your car is painting it. At the same time as professional painters typically charge from approximately $300 to numerous thousand dollars, conditional on the paint job and quality, you can generally paint your car for less. It should be noted that if you are going to paint your car then first confirm that you are hundred percent devoted in this regard.

You are required to finish the job, if you do not want your car will look ludicrous. Although painting your car is demanding process and requires exactitude as well, for those people that have never painted a car before it is awfully doable. There are some tips about how to paint a car.

Painted Car

Items that you will need:

You will require the following items to paint your car.

  • Masking Tape
  • Tarp, paper or further covering
  • Car washing detergent and brush
  • Wax or Grease remover
  • Sandpaper (fine and broad grit)
  • Primer (amount conditional on the vehicle size and the area mass that will be painted)
  • Paint Urethane-based (quantity conditional on the vehicle size and the part mass that will be painted)
  • Paint Sprayer (if you decide, you can presently make use of regular spray paint)
  • Dust mask, goggles, and clothing to cover up your uncovered skin
  • Putty and knife
  • Mr. Clean Car Wash
  • Car Wash Mitt
  • Car Wash Sponge
  • Car Wash Soap
  • Urethane Clear coat Kit
  • Acrylic Lacquer Clear coat
  • Car Painting Clear Coat

Step One. Wash your Car Thoroughly

First you have to begin by washing you car thoroughly ahead of painting it. Usually, every car has lots of dust, wreckage and dirt that must be taken out in order for the paint to stick on aptly. Bring into play a wax or grease remover to clean the dust after you have washed the car.

Step Two. Sand Down Your Car

Once your car is dirt free you will need to sand down any vicinity that is irregular or rough, with the help of sandpaper. You may use loose grit sandpaper in order to come across with tough jobs and fine grit for small areas that simply require a little flatting. It must be noted that if your car has small dip, you have to fix it earlier than you paint it. You can use putty to even out any holes or dips. Once these flaws are completed, sand it down and ensure that the area you are painting is smooth and level.

Step Three. Prep the Car for Painting

Painted Car

The first thing you require to do earlier than painting the car is to make certain it is completely dry. You must wait as a minimum a couple of hours later than washing it. If you want to keep away the dust and grim after washing the car, then ground a wire from the chassis frame to any object that is grounded close to the car.

On one occasion when the car is grounded, you can now begin covering any part of the vehicle that you do not want to paint at all; this may takes in any chrome, windows, mirrors, and so on. Make use of masking tape to put together a tarp or cloth to the vehicle.

Step Four. Apply Primer

Now it is time to apply primmer. Do not forget to apply even amount of primmer to the complete area of car that is to be painted ahead of applying color paint to the car. Once your car is fully prepped, then you are allowed to paint it

As primer will make the paint stick very well to your vehicle so this pace is very imperative. It is essential to note that if you are priming or painting your vehicle indoors, make certain there is enough exposure to air. Additionally, it is sensible to cover up any skin area that is uncovered to the primer or paint.

Once the primer dries, you will require sanding it down to once again. Now and then spraying primer causes plunges of paint in one area which have to be smoothed out for most excellent results.

Step Five. Paint Your Vehicle

At the moment it is finally time to paint your vehicle, by means of your urethane based paint and preferably a spray gun spray the base coat of pain over the complete plane smoothly. When the base coat is sprayed, let it dry for near about 10 to 15 minutes. Now apply the second coat of paint. Nearly all paint jobs can consist from one coat to 20 coats approximately, on the other hand two coats of color is typically adequate. If this is your last coat let the paint dry for about 90 minutes.

Step Six. Apply the Clear Coat

Now watch out if car paint has completely dried, it is currently the time to apply a clear coat of paint to it. Apply the clear coat in the same way as you have the paint.

After all coat is applied let the area dry for near about 15 minutes. By and large, al least three coats of clear coat ought to do the trick. After you have finished applying all three coats, let the vehicle dry for near about 90 minutes. Finally at this stage, you have done with painting your car.

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