How to Paint Alloy Wheels

There are a large number of styling options available when it comes to wheels. This article will focus on colored rims which is one of the new styling trends. A variety of various styles of wheels are available and aftermarket manufacturers are began to make wheels available with color choices.

Black wheel with red highlight along the inside faces is one of the most popular designs which is currently available. There is no obstacle which can stop a car fan from creating this affect.

Painted Alloy

The tire would have to be removed for painting an alloy wheel, and when the wheel will be taken off the car, it will obviously need good cleaning. Many cleaning solutions for alloy wheels which are a bit more than concerted acid are not recommendable by professionals because they are good in removing the dirt and stains from the wheel during preparation for the paint. Giving the wheels a good scrub with a proper brush and getting them blast cleaned will be helpful. In case there are layers of polish or lacquer then they must also be cleaned otherwise the paint will stick correctly.

This can be a good opportunity to for repairing and damage or corrosion that could have happened to the rim. It is fairly easy to sand abrasions and minor damages but only a specialist can repair deeper damages.

A better quality of metal primer should be used and this should be built up into thin layers for bonding the paint. After the primer dries, any area which has second color can be masked off and then the mask can be switched to the newly applied color which will under lap when the highlight color will be painted.

The paint can be applied again in the form of a number of thin layers. Extra care has to be taken to avoid spreading it in the inside area of the wheel which comes into contact with the tire.

Different photographs can be searched on the internet to have a good idea of different color format used for alloy wheels. You can have a nice look with black and chrome which can be partly achieved by painting a chrome wheel.

For matching the contrast of the car, the wheels can be color coded. Different types of good looking white cars with black wheels have been seen at shows. It is also good to paint powder coated alloy wheels but it will be ideal to strip the wheel back to the bare metal. A lot of people hesitate in painting their wheels because they fear that the wheels might get damaged.

With little more efforts, damage can be more easily repaired requiring. The layer of paint would also be easy to keep clean as the brake dust road grime will be repelled by the smooth finish.

Different photos can be seen to get an idea for painting the rim, inner faces or spokes of the wheel. Rims with removable edges are also produced by some manufacturers which makes painting very easy and decreases the work of removal, refitting and painting the edge.

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