How to Park a Car on a Hill – Hill Parking Tips

It is usually considered that parking spaces appear to be located at the most horrible places, and it is always a challenge to come across the ideal spot to park a car. Usually, a number of drivers may be unwilling to park their cars on a hill; on the other hand sometimes you are left with no other choice other than to park your car on a hill or a sudden slope.

Here’s how to park on a hill in the secure as well as possible way.


It is clear that hills are unsafe places to park vehicles in.  Prior to settling on a parking space built on a sheer slope, drive around the area to come across for a parking space on plane, level ground.  If you fail to hit upon a parking location other than one located in a hill, at that time you need to take these steps to park your car securely and firmly.

How to Park on Hill

  • First, you ought to park your car as you usually would on a flat, level parking space.  If you are driving an automatic transmission car, set the gear to “Park.”  If you drive a car with manual transmission, put the gear to the neutral setting.
  • When you have parked the vehicle, turn the wheels towards the curb or the footway.  Just in case the car gets slipped, the wheels will use to move towards the curb, and stop your car flat.  The additional traction from a broad section of the tire coming into contact with the road too puts off slipping.
  • Take on the parking brake, and make safe the gear stick and steering wheel as well.
  • Check around the car to make out if any of the wheels slip, or if the tires grip the road surface appropriately.

Using a Stop:

Hill Car Parking

Sometimes you require using a stop (like a rock or a brick) to maintain your car from slipping on a slope, particularly if you are parking in hilly areas exclusive of a curb.  Stops are too practical and helpful if your brakes are a bit damaged.  Stops are typically placed on the side of the vehicle that faces downward.  You ought to still turn the wheels sideways to make sure the contact with the road surface.

You should maintain your brakes in a good condition as it is important for you as well as for other people to be safe and secured.

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