How to Powerslide With a Car – Powersliding Guide

Majority of all racing enthusiasts use numerous techniques and practices to succeed in the race. Although, racing basically depends on control of the vehicle. The simplest way to win a race is power sliding with a car; however it needs some tricks as well to be done professionally. It provides a car with extra velocity and speed up it to the maximum pace. The following section entails how to powerslide with a car.

Why Powerslide?

While driving a car in race, the excellent way to take on a curve is to move toward from the inside edge, turn the car along the curve. It is not a good approach to take on curves when you are going neck and neck with an opponent and hence are usually avoided for this reason.

Power slide  Car

So, in this case you are supposed to power slide with your car. Power slide is a way through which a car driver uses to slide his car horizontally. Power slide is similar to flash in the way as it speeds up a car to cover a sufficient distance at once while making the exit.

Performing the Powerslide:

To power slide with a car, go behind these steps:

  • Initially, you must enter the curve with sufficient speed to complete the power slide. Keep in mind that the initial speed must be adequate enough as excessively little speed will cause your car to stop while power sliding and excessively high speed will cause you to run off your control over your vehicle. So, you have to pay extra attention towards this factor.
  • Quill the accelerator as you arrive at the peak of the curve, at the same time turn the steering wheel to the same direction as the curve.  Now make it certain that your car slide horizontally or diagonally, rather than completing the curve modestly.
  • Mostly in a number of cars, the wheels will gradually get back traction as you direct the car to the exit. In case if you are driving manual transmission, don’t forget to feather the clutch as you finish sliding along the peak of the turn.
  • Release the accelerator at the moment when the wheels have regained some traction with the road.  It will result in flipping the car over if you floor the accelerator as you are skidding sideways.
  • After that, wait for the wheels to finally get back grip and traction on the road surface, and floor the accelerator. This task usually takes quarter of a second conditional on the condition of your tires. While flooring the accelerator you must drive at high speed as you are going to exit the curve in this way.

Power slide Car

Safety Precautions:

Though power sliding looks showy or flashy, on the other hand it can cause serious results. Usually it is allowed in a race and frequently prohibited in normal conditions for instance on streets, freeways etc. You must avoid power sliding where it is prohibited at all. If you really want to power slide with your car, you should select broad roads or tracks for it where it could not harm anybody. Also try to avoid as many accidents as possible.

It is however not wrong to say that power sliding is a flashy racing technique that requires practice and time management as well. And if done properly, it lets you win the race easily.

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